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6 Minutes To Skinny

Furry Natural Remedy

by Sam Pasco
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

Many households who own furry friends are getting much more than simply just that wet kiss when they walk through their door at the end of the day. In fact, pets do much more than just brighten our day. Indeed, according to the Center for Disease Control, pets provide many benefits to their owners, especially when it comes to what people should treasure the most….their health.

Studies concluded that victims of heart attacks who own dogs have better survival rates. One specific study conducted by the National Institutes of Health(NIH) was able to demonstrate that four-legged friends were capable of improving their owner’s cardiovascular health. The study observed 421 adults who had suffered from a heart attack. A year later, it was found that owners of dogs were significantly more likely to still be alive compared to people who did not own dogs, regardless of the severity of the heart attack.

Owning a pet may also lower blood pressure and stress levels as well. Another study conducted by NIH looked at 240 married couples. It was found that those who owned a pet had lower blood pressure and lower heart rates when compared to couples without pets. These results were found both at rest or when undergoing stressful tests. Owners of pets were also found to have quicker recovery rates stress when in company of their pets, compared to being with a spouse or friend.

Seniors who walk their dogs on a regular basis have better mobility. Additional benefits in owning pets include healthier lifestyles. Another study conducted by the NIH found that dog owners who regularly walked their dogs were more physically active and less prone to obesity when compared to those who did not own a dog. People who walked their dogs on a regular basis were found to walk faster and for longer periods of time. Even seniors who engaged in regular dog walking activities had greater mobility than those who did not own or did not walk their dog.

So the next time your four legged companion comes up and plants a big wet smooch on you, remember he’s not just kissing you, he’s healing you as well.

Until next time….Yours in health and healing,

Terri's Comments: Sam, what a great article about our furry friends. Our little furry friend is certainly a major part of our family. In fact my human 9 year old is always calling our pup, her little sister.

If anyone is interested in keeping their furry friends naturally healthy, PetAlive has some great natural remedies for your pets so they can keep you healthy.

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