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Ginger and Motion Sickness

by Terri David

Are ginger and motion sickness related? A while back I was watching the show called “Myth Busters” and they were testing different potential remedies for motion sickness. 


The testers spun themselves around in a chair to check which remedy for motion sickness worked the best. Basically, how long could they go around until they got themselves sick. 

They tried over the counter medication like Dramamine, wrist bands as well as a few others. They also tried ginger, an age old favorite. Guess what won out…the ginger!!

CanTravel, an herbal and homeopathic remedy contains ginger and is known to help with nausea, vomiting, morning sickness as well as motion sickness.

We used ginger on a trip recently with someone that was prone to motion sickness. In a 5 hour car drive, she didn't have any motion sickness issues and made the trip symptom free.

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