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Homeopathic Remedies for Motion Sickness

by Terri David

Native Remedies

Homeopathic remedies for motion sickness are the best when it comes to settling your stomach. CanTravel is one of the best I have found. 

The first and foremost ingredient it has to include is ginger. Other helpful companions are peppermint or chamomile. 

However, ginger is the essential ingredient. It is great for preventing nausea and upset stomachs. The catch is to start taking it before you have the symptoms of motions sickness.

The second time I went on a cruise, I wanted to make sure that I did not have any problems with the motion. 

I started taking it before my flight to Florida. And continued to take it the entire trip.

All was good.

Taking a natural supplement, like CanTravel can help prevent motion sickness. 

CanTravel is a unique formula containing a combination of herbs and tissue salts to support harmony and digestive comfort while traveling. And of course, one of the main ingredients is ginger!

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