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Online Internet Marketing Business Opportunity

Online Internet Marketing Business Opportunity

by Terri David

Internet Business Instructor

With the growth of the internet, I started searching for an online internet marketing business opportunity. I wanted to find a proven internet business AND do something I was passionate about. I had to find something that was an internet business for beginners.

When it came to an online internet marketing business opportunity, They would claim that the person made $10,000 overnight. I knew that could be true but the likelihood of that happening was about the same as winning the lottery and I don't buy lottery tickets. I wanted something that was proven, legitimate and upfront with its product.

When it came to the internet, I knew how to search and do email and that was about it. I didn’t know any “code” and had no desire to learn it. I did not want to hire someone and pay thousands of dollars for something that I wasn’t even sure what questions to ask to find out what it included. Believe it or not, I started a successful home based online business with little knowledge of the mechanics of the internet.

Nantley from whyvancouver.com

There were three things I did know when I was seeking an online internet marketing business opportunity.

  1. There were so many things to make sure my web site included and I was too ignorant to know them all.
  2. I wanted a successful and proven internet business presence that would allow me to build a stream of income.
  3. I wanted an online internet marketing business opportunity that was not expensive but would work to create that income stream.

Along came a program called Site Build It! from Sitesell.

I read about Sitesell's online internet marketing business opportunity. What I found was a company that had no secrets. I could read through the information before purchasing the site system package. I knew what I was getting before I bought the program. All those questions I didn’t know to ask were answered for me.

I started my web site without any web design knowledge and as far as the mechanics, I still don’t know more than a handful of code and did not even know those until after having my site for over a year. What I do know is, I have found a system, that if I followed, puts my web site in a position to be successful. Build it and they will come. I don't know about you but that is what I wanted in an online internet marketing business opportunity.

From Philip Newman - PrePaid Legal

Terri turned out to be the perfect instructor for my level of comprehension. Having spent countless hours floating around the Internet trying to expand my understanding, it was extremely helpful to have a live person clarify points of confusion.

The "class" was small enough that we could all benefit from the obstacles facing another student. Though, I would imagine there's a point at which the class could be too large, and hinder productive conversation. 

As for my apprehension regarding the webinar, that was without merit. It was actually, extremely convenient and with the cost of gasoline these days, very cost effective.

I would definitely recommend a webinar, and certainly recommend Terri. She knows what she is doing, can get you pointed in the right direction without the use of technical jargon which tends to lose folks like me.

You can do the same. You can build a successful home based internet business on any topic you like and create an income. Follow your passion or make your offline business into a proven online business. That's what taking advantage of this online internet marketing business opportunity is about: Do what you love and the money will follow!

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who are affiliated with other companies. Initially they think that they don’t need an internet business web site for marketing because they have a duplicated web site with the company that they are associated with. Here is the question: Does your company affiliated web site bring you business or do you have to send business there to use it? You see, with those web sites you only get traffic when you send someone there. Why not build a site that gets traffic before you send people.

group at computer

How well do you think your business will do if you put together a site that brought customers and traffic to you?

There are two ways you can take advantage of Site Build It!. You can

The webinar offered in regards to this online internet marketing business opportunity is called Building A Successful Business Using the Internet. The webinar includes a Site Build It! annual subscription. Or if you are disciplined enough you can invest in Site Build It! without an instructor leading the way.

From Felicia Chang, Skywood Group, LLC - 3D Architectural Rendering

Terri has been a wonderful instructor to me!

Not only Terri is very knowledgeable with her first hand experience using SBI to build a high ranking website, but also she is very passionate to help others. Her encouragement has built confidence in a beginner like me. Taking Terri's lesson helped me focus in processing tremendous amount of information from SBI site. My project has moved along since then. In addition, Terri always goes extra mile to mentor her students. She is available to answer questions and provide encouragement even when we are not in class.

I highly recommend her class. Give her a call and let her guide you through building a winning web business.

What is the Site Build It System About?
The process takes you through all the steps of starting and operating an online business. By the end of the program, using the tools and materials included in the Site Build It system, you will have an operating internet business destined for success. It is the ultimate online internet marketing business opportunity.

What Do I Have to Know?
If you have the ability to write simple text documents; burning desire to launch a home or small business online, or to strengthen an existing one. If you can type, you can do this.

What Will You Learn?
You will

  • Understand pre-selling versus selling - the C-T-P-M concept; success examples, entrepreneurship; how and where to access online resources.
  • Brainstorm business ideas - types of online businesses; entrepreneur or info-preneur; building on a passion, hobby or experience.
  • Do precise online market research - lateral and vertical brainstorming, analyze supply and demand. (Sounds much harder than it is.)
  • Select an effective domain name – unify your business concept; search for available names; register your domain
  • Choose an appropriate site look and feel using standard and custom templates.
  • Develop original site content including outlining like a book; using online resources; studying competition, writing for site visitors.
  • Create search engine friendly pages making sure your content incorporates the right keywords and have the tools to analyze page content; organizing content so visitors can progress easily through your website.
  • Incorporate reselling techniques - using email giveaways; offering downloadable books; offering free online courses.
  • Promote the business in multiple ways - free search engine traffic plus directories; advertising, ezines, relationships, joint ventures.
  • Implement proven money-generating techniques - incorporating content-based ads, being an affiliate for others' products/services (this is how you make money without having a product.).

From Deb Fleming - DELF Enterprise

Terrific class. The program has laid out a better understanding of SBI and what is needed for a successful internet business. It's worth the time and money. I learned some very helpful tips. I would highly recommend the program to anyone. Terri is a great asset to have on your side. Thanks! Terri.

Materials Include: 
The system includes:

  1. a full set of integrated software tools – everything you need without paying extra.
  2. complete online & downloadable reference materials
  3. several hours of instructional videos.

What is Building A Successful Business Using the Internet? 
It is an opportunity to take advantage of an online internet marketing business opportunity, build your own internet business and apply your newly acquired skills to help your business or business idea get results.

Amber from do-it-yourself-weddings.com

Building A Successful Business Using the Internet

You will participate in 12 weeks of training and create your own online internet marketing business opportunity. We meet once a week for 12 weeks. The webinar is a combination of being on the internet and being on a teleconference call simultaneously. You are on both for the duration of the class. Its a very interactive and fun program. The number of participants is limited and you can come to class in your pj's.

Whether you take the webinar or just get the system, upon completion you will have a fully functional online internet marketing business. It is so exciting to see it grow and prosper. 

How much does all this cost? 

The real cost of this program should be measured in terms of what businesses lose if they do not remain competitive.

The Internet is NOT a passing fad. It continues to grow and become an increasingly integral part of our lives.

It's an absolute must for current and prospective business owners to get a clear understanding of how it all works and how to benefit. The webinar course includes:

  • Internet tools one year subscription
  • 12 weeks of instruction
  • Qualified Instructor who is currently using the tools for a successful internet site.

Your Choice:

Build A Successful Business Using the Internet:
Purchase the Solo Build It! System and do it on your own - 

* Take the live webinar

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