Natural Health Alternatives

Are you seeking a natural alternative to help your health issues? Isn’t it time you took the road to wellness? My name is Terri and I want to share with you a life changing secret....

if you give your body the nutrients it requires,

it can heal itself.

10 Secrets to a Healthy Life!   It's Free! 

It all started many years ago, When I was in grade school, and had to wait for a friend to pick me up for school, I would have to run to the bathroom as it appeared I had a "nervous stomach"

During my teenage years, I started to get allergy shots and the only change I saw was that once a week my arm was swollen and sore.

In my early 20's, I remember sneezing so much in the spring (at least 12 times in a row, take a breath then start over again) that I prayed to be in the air conditioning.

I was laying in bed one night and was unable to breath through my nose and I thought to myself "Am I going to have to live the rest of my life this way?". Next I went for a physical and found that I had fibroid cysts, in addition to the PMS and spastic colon.

The medical doctor never offered a remedy for my ailments. However, I was blessed at the age of 25 to be introduced to a naturopathic physician that started me on the road to wellness. 

Since the late 1980's I have been free of cysts, PMS, colon issues, and allergies. 

I learned that my issues could be taken care of by my body if it was given the right nutrition.

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Ever since then, I have been a student of how our bodies can find a natural cure from almost any issue. An I have learned how to go from being obese to a normal weight and getting rid of high blood pressure, normalizing my cholesterol and so much more.

This site is designed to share with you the knowledge I have gained from my years of study how you too can have relief from common health issues.

Our bodies are awesome machines. The body is designed to repair, restore, protect and defend itself if it gets the tools its intended to have.

So a natural cure comes from the body healing itself once the body has been given the proper nutrients it requires to function.

Are We Getting Enough Nutrients From Our Food?

Fact: In 1951, 2 peaches supplied the current RDA (recommended daily allowance) of Vitamin A.

However, in 1997, to get the RDA of Vitamin A, we would have to have 53 peaches (British Food Journal).

Our soil is depleted, our fresh food is picked so early it doesn’t have time to mature on the vine which is when it gets its nutrients.

I Eat Organic!

Even if we eat organic, we are still taking in pesticides and chemicals. There have been over 75,000 synthetic chemicals created since 1930, before that there were only 2.

There are 7 billion tons of cumulative toxins added to the environment every year.

At the North Pole, polar bears—who aren’t even near pesticides—have lots of toxins stored in their fat.

Taking the natural road works.

We know of people who have recovered from cancer, allergies, strokes, seizure disorders, PMS, chronic fatigue, paralysis and more by using nutritionally sound products, programs and nutrients.

They are off medication or chose not to use it and have found alternative ways. Here you will find natural cure alternatives --- ways for the body to heal itself.

We cannot say that any nutrient, vitamin, supplement heals or cures you. Your body does the healing.

It was made to work that way. Your body heals when it is given what it requires to function optimally.

Be Patient

You did not get ill overnight. Did you know that breast cancer exists 5-30 years before it can be detected? It took awhile for your body to create the disease or illness, so don’t expect to heal overnight.

The natural way take time and patience. Don’t let that stop YOU from being healthy. Invest in yourself and in your health. Aren’t you worth it!










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