Spring Cleaning

Time for a spring cleaning. Not only is it time to clean our homes, its time to clean our bodies. Our bodies do a lot of work for us and never get a rest--that a good thing! However, we can take steps to do home page and throughout the rest of the site. Our bodies are incredible machines.

Many of you know that my son, Gabriel, had seizures in the past. I researched and found that most people with a seizure disorder will get worse. Gabriel started on glyconutrients in April of 2006. The great news is that in December 2006, Gabriel's EEG came back normal while on very low levels of his anti-seizure medication. He has not had a seizure since May of 2006 and we are actually decreasing his medication levels.

I encourage anyone who has a cell in their body to investigate into the glyconutrients. They can truly help the health and well-being of your entire family. Too often we wait until something is wrong with our body before taking nutrition seriously. Take your health to heart and get on a nutritionally sound program now.

In health and happiness, Terri


The Master Cleanse support conference call every Monday at 9pm Eastern Time is going to continue. This teleconference call is designed to give you further information on the cleanse and knowledge before you experience the cleanse, support while you are on the cleanse and guidance after the cleanse. So if you aren't sure this is something for you, come join us to find out more! Click here to register and get the teleconference information for the free call.

The Benefits of Meditation and the scientific evidence of its benefits are now on the site. Including Tips for Children and Tips for Adults. Meditiation is a powerful practice for your health and happiness.

There is now a page on the Healing Power of Foods It lists different foods and their health benefits. Included in the list are Red Wine with further insight on its heart-healthy benefits and Bananas. Yes, I have gone bananas as there is whole page on the value of this great monkey food.

High Fructose Corn Syrup describes the risk of this common food ingredient and its relation to the "fattening" of our children.

My Blog is finally up and running. Check it out for updates to the site.

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Just for Fun



Clear photo key chain (available at hardware and discount stores)

Pens, markers, crayons



Time needed: 1-2 Hours

1. Remove the ring or chain from the key chain and slide out the paper insert.

2. Trace the insert onto a blank sheet of paper and cut it out.

3. Have your child decorate the paper with a drawing, write a personal message on the back, and slide it into the key chain. Replace the ring, and the gift's done.

4. For a twist on this gift: If your kid isn't in a drawing mood -- or your preteen wants a cool little something to give her friends -- she can make a mini mixed-media collage on the insert. Cut up and glue on photographs (or color copies of them), magazines, calendars, or even, for a holiday feel, old Christmas cards.

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