Summer Fun

What a great time to be outdoors and enjoy the sun. I was poolside the other day and the mom sitting next to me was telling me about her 6 year old son that had some suspicious (cancer?) skin removed and they were awaiting results. She always used sunscreen on him but could not figure out how this could happen. She was shocked when I mentioned that the sunscreen could actually have been the cause. Did you know that the toxic chemicals in sunscreen are more harmful to you than the sun is?

According to Mike Adams, natural health author, research shows that sunscreen actually promotes cancer by blocking the body's absorption of ultraviolet radiation, which produces vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D, as recent studies have shown, prevents up to 77 of ALL cancers in women.

The toxic chemical ingredients used in most sunscreen products are actually carcinogenic They get absorbed right through the skin. Proponents say sunscreen prevents sunburn, but in fact, the real cause of sunburn is not merely UV exposure: It is a lack of antioxidant nutrition. Start eating lots of berries and microalgae (spirulina, astaxanthin, blue-green algae, etc.), > and you'll build up an *internal sunscreen* that will protect your skin from sunburn from the inside out. *Sunburn is actually caused by nutritional deficiencies* that leave the skin vulnerable to DNA mutations from radiation, but if you boost your nutrition and protect your nervous system with plant-based nutrients, you'll be naturally resistant to sunburn. Stock up on your greens.

My train the trainer adventure to Montreal was great. A fantastic group of people will be teaching Building A Successful Business Using the Internet across North America. They are optimistic, entrepreneurial and amazing. I am proud to be one of them. We have classes scheduled in about 20 locations. Of course, the one I am teaching is in my neck of the woods in southeast Michigan. Contact Me if you are interested in participating in this class.

In Health and Wellness, Terri

What's Up?

Colon Cleansing Diet is a thorough program that's outlined on my site. I will be adding a few more in the near future. It is so important to have your intestinal system clean. There are some natural health advocates that will say that all disease begins in the colon--clean colon equals good health, dirty colon, bad health.

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