Hydrate Yourself

Summer is fast approaching and its time to remember to keep hydrated. I shared with you some new pages we added last month that were all about water. In case you didn't get a chance to check them out, here they are again:
Water - Nature's Thirst Quencher,
Hexagonal Water,
and Children and Water
Your good health depends on including water in your daily routine. Keep on Drinking!

I am pleased to announce that I have been granted Expert Author status at ezinearticles.com. So far I have published two articles. You'll never guess what the most recent one is about...water! You can read it when you visit ezinearticles.com or My Blog.

Fun stuff--I will be flying off to Montreal this weekend for a Train The Trainer session to learn more about this great website package I use. In the Fall I will be teaching it at Macomb Community College. What a great class this will be. I learned to use the program with the only the help of the online action guides. How much easier it will be for the class participants to have a real live guide to assist them on Building A Successful Business Using the Internet.

I am here to assist you on your path to ultimate wellness.

In Health and Wellness, Terri

Cancer Virus

I found some great information about cancer and the virus that might be the reason for the cancer. Read the Cancer Virus information to learn more. I do plan on adding some information on natural cancer cure in the upcoming months. I will keep you posted.


A new product I found that provides the body with nutrition that can allow the body to create some phenominal healing is CellFood.

Healthy Foods

Keep your eye on this as I will keep adding food information as I find it. I have two more to add right now, just have to create the time to do it. Healthy Foods List


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