Did You Keep Your Resolution?

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Last month I asked the question - Can you really lose a pound a day?

Now this month is the question - Did you maintain your new year's resolution for a healthier body?

Since most people don't keep their resolution for more than a week or two, I will guess that most of you didn't quite make it.

The first question. I have to honestly answer that I am unable to lose a pound a day. However, the good news is that I was able to get rid of an average of 5 pounds per week and for me that equates to 35 pounds, gone.....

So this week is my birthday, which brings me to the second question. Did I keep my new years resolution??? Well, yes and no. I am taking some time off from my fat loss adventure... just a week or so. Oops, I did forget to mention that for about a week in January, I took off too.

However, I still have gotten great results. My blood pressure is definitely in the normal range and my sugar level - although was normal, still a little higher than I wanted - is now at a more normal number - about 90.

So a few of my friends wanted to follow the same program I am on after seeing the results..... the HCG Weight Loss Program.

HCG is a homeopathic formula for natural weight loss. However, you don't just take it and eat wildly. You do have to follow a very tight eating plan. At first it almost seems impossible. But when you follow the 3 phases of the eating plan, it is very easy. You don't get any hungrier than you normally would and you lose fat...in my case...almost a pound a day.

HCG has been a life saver for me. I thought I was doomed to be overweight forever and get all of the corresponding health issues that go along with it...diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

As I said last month "It doesn’t even seem possible to me, but the scale just keeps showing lower numbers."

If you want to get healthier and one of the road blocks to that is excess weight, for your health, please check into the HCG Weight Loss Program. ....it may be your answer.

To Your Good Health, All the Best, Terri

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