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[Natural Cure Alternatves] Are You A sugar Addict?
June 11, 2013

Are you a Sugar Addict?


Sugar has sometimes been referred to as being as addicting as cocaine. I know once I start eating sugary foods, I don't want to stop and the best way for me to stop is to change my eating. Here is a quick sugar addict quiz:

1. Are you addicted to sugary foods, breads, and pasta?

2. Do you eat mindlessly, not even realizing what you've eaten or how much?

3. Do you use food to manage stress? Does it work?

4. Do you eat huge servings of carb-loaded food, only to feel hungry again in a short time?

5. Are you willing to make the life changes necessary to prevent obesity-related health-problems?

6. Are you tired of eating a 'bird-diet' while trying to lose weight?

7. Are you ready to enjoy rich, flavorful foods that will fill your belly and clear your mind? 8. Are you ready to join the movement towards better health and trimmer bodies?

9. Would you like REAL FREEDOM from food cravings, once and for all?

10. Want to never feel hungry again while being in the best shape you can be?

If you answered YES to even a few of these questions, the it might be time for you to start eating differently, low glycemic eating is the key for you. Read more here:

All The Best,

Terri D

Your Wellness Coach

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