Do We Really Need Whole Food Vitamin Supplements??

There is a ton of information about nutrition and the roles of vitamins and minerals. But the real question is, do we really need Whole Food Vitamin Supplements??

As good as we may eat, we just don’t get the nutrition from our food. Our food is just not as nutrient dense as it used to be.

To get the same amount of vitamin A from 2 peaches in 1951, we would have to eat 53 peaches today. Not a great outlook here.

Most illnesses today are not because we are deficient in some sort of medication but because we are nutrient deficient.

It is so important for you to get additional nutrition in the form of quality whole food vitamins and minerals.

The basics to include are a multivitamin/mineral complex, antioxidant complex and a phytosterol complex which supports proper hormone function.

Yes, a phytosterol is for men and women, we don’t only have sex hormones but over 80 hormones helping our bodies to function properly.

Get the whole food basics so you can get the nutrition you deserve.

To Your Good Health, All the Best, Terri

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