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[Wellness Coach] Never Do these 2 Things in the Morning
December 29, 2014

Never Do these 2 Things in the Morning

Hi! Your morning routine is the key to fat loss.

Do it right…and losing fat becomes so easy it’s almost like cheating.

Do it wrong…and you’ll cripple your metabolism, which makes fat loss almost impossible. Seriously, those early morning hours are that important.

But most people totally mess it up and make 2 big mistakes every morning. That’s why they don’t get results and feel frustrated.

Now you aren’t going to make those mistakes anymore because I am going to reveal what you should NEVER do in the morning.

Number 1… If your morning starts off with the “healthy” breakfast of orange juice, cereal with skim milk and a slice of buttered, whole-grain toast – then you’re in serious fat burning trouble!

You’re eating junk-food cereal that is loaded with sugary carbs.

When you eat that for breakfast, your blood sugar spikes and your body STORES FAT ALL DAY instead of burning it. Even worse, with this kind of “average breakfast,” you won’t get enough protein to kick-start your metabolism in the morning.

Number 2… This is a big one. Do NOT go for a morning jog. Why? Because long, slow and boring cardio stops your fat loss dead in its tracks. Jogging, spinning or hitting the Stairmaster first thing in the morning is bad news for fat loss.

If you’re jogging each morning, I’m sorry to say that you’re setting yourself up to fail.

However… Avoiding these two mistakes isn’t enough to guarantee that you lose the stubborn fat. That’s why my friend Craig created a short video for you that describes exactly what you SHOULD do in the morning.

It’s a simple 6-minute routine that will force your body to burn fat for 24 HOURS!

==> Click here for the “6-Minutes Skinny” Morning Secret In fast-paced video, you’ll also discover 3 amazing fat burning snacks you can eat during the day that burn fat too. And these delicious snacks contain chocolate, cheese and satisfying carbs. Nom nom! You’ll love em.

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All the Best,

Terri D

Your Wellness Coach

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