ADD~~Exercise~~and Lists!

by Shyronn Crider
(Highland, Ar)

I have only recently come to the realization that I deal with a slight form of adult ADD. I can not multi-task, and literally jump from one activity to another during the day. And you guessed it, often without getting anything done. I used to think that I was simply unorganized, but I read an article on adult ADD a couple of years ago, and was like....That's Me!!! I am not crazy!

Unfortunately, with a home web business, I wasn't making the best use of my time. I am married, with two children still at home and also taking a full college load.

I know, that's enough to drive anyone over the edge, but sincerely, I was not getting anything done. My last semester of college, I was missing dead lines for assignments to be turned in....etc.

Over the summer I changed some things and, unfortunately because I changed more than one, I can't say for sure which one or both worked.

I have now made it a point to make a fairly detailed weekly list of things that need to be done! From what I need to clean, class assignments, and even a time alloted to make menus and pay bill!

This has focused my attention so much! If, for some reason I can't get to something, I highlight it and move it to the next day!

I have also started an exercise routine. This has helped with my anxiety and general feeling of restlessness. This, combined with a general overhaul of my eating habits, helped to get my ADD under more control without the use of any medical drugs.

Terri, thank you for the information that you provide--It is a big help to know that there are other means of treating various conditions besides the traditional drugs that are prescribed today. And I actively look for natural remedies before anything else.

Shyronn from The Self Esteem Shop!

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