Agave Nectar Recipes

Join in the fun and share one or two of your agave nectar recipes. If you don't have one to share, check out the ones others have shared and let us know how you like them.

Blue Agave Sweetener is a natural sweetener that does not cause spikes in blood sugar. It can easily be used to replace other sweeteners in recipes.

This is one of my favorite sugar substitutes because it is natural so non toxic and is great for anyone to use to manage their blood sugar. I am even talking kids because, we know what happens when kids eat too much sugar.

So this is not only for people concerned with diabetes but a good general sweetener for everyone. 

A Few Cooking Guidelines

  • Use either equal amounts of agave compared to what you would normally use for other sweeteners. You may just want to adjust if down a notch. as you could put in just 75% as much Blue Agave sweetener as they would sugar in a recipe.

  • It is a liquid, so it is best to reduce the other liquids in a recipe. You can lower the liquids by as much as 30%.

  • Reduce your baking temperature by about 25 degrees and bake for a little longer

So I invite you to share your recipe or your reaction to one of the agave nectar recipes.

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Please feel free to share with us a great recipe you use with an agave sweetener.

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You can always start substituting agave for sugar in some of your recipes. I use it for tea and homemade lemonade too. It has absolutely terrific taste and no aftertaste which I really like. We have also mixed it with strawberries for strawberry shortcake - yum!

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