Allergy Herb Relief

Why am I writing about allergy herb relief? Because I personally know how uncomfortable your life can be when you suffer from the sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffiness, etc, that comes will hay fever and allergies. These allergic reactions are not fun to deal with but are a message from your body that you have to support and build up your immune system so these reactions will disappear.

Two-Fold Approach for Allergy Herb Relief

There are two natural paths I would take. One, take a natural supplement for immediate relief.

Nothing worse than not being able to function when you are sneezy and itchy. I have been there, done that and don't do it anymore.

Second, find a natural way to support you immune system.

By taking this two prong approach, you can get relief from all the symptoms while providing your body the nutrients to cure itself by supporting your immune system.

SOS Hista Drops, homeopathic allerg reliefy

There are tons of products out there to choose from and you many not be sure where to start.

I always like to start my wellness clients off with the simplest path and only take more intense approaches if what we are doing isn't working. You don't have to suffer from allergies. You can help your body by giving it good nutrition and your body will be able to get back in balance and your immune system won't have to over-react.

So to keep it simple, two products come to mind to help you get the results you want.

SOS HistaDrops is a homeopathic remedy that is made to temporarily relieve your symptoms of hay fever and other allergies – sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose.

When it comes to immediate relief, I have found that homeopathics are the way to go. They get into you system quickly and easily. Be sure to use as directed so you can get the full benefit.

Now its time to support your immune system. The reason allergies will come up is that your immune system is not functioning properly. Its actually over-functioning which causes the histamine response that creates all the symptoms.

AllergiClear, natural allergy herb relief

So in addition to the Hista Drops for immediate relief, you may to use an allergy herb relief supplement called AllergiClear which helps keep your eyes and nose clear by maintaining histamine levels within the normal range.

Because this supplement is designed to help balance your system, you may not notice an immediate difference. It could take 3-6 weeks for your body to experience the benefit.

Both of these products are from Native Remedies which is known for its specially formulated natural and herbal remedies.

I have used many of their products for myself, clients and my family and have found them to be good quality and effective.

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