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Great News About Growing Older

Anti Aging Foods. Most of use want to be younger and stay younger, my self included. One of the best ways to do that is to eat the right foods, stay away and clean out the toxins and take proper care of your body.

So here are a few foods that can help you in your quest. In fact, these foods have been studied extensively by Harvard scientists for their many healing properties - and proven to deliver real results.

Super Anti Aging Foods #1: RED WINE

But that doesn't mean that chugging a bunch of red wine will turn the clock back to your younger years. Really, there's one primary antioxidant ingredient in red wine that makes you more youthful and vibrant.

That ingredient is called Resveratrol.

In a review study conducted by Harvard University - which released their findings in the Nutrition and Metabolism Journal on January 3, 2006 - they found that Resveratrol can extend the life expectancy of every organism that, so far, it's been fed to, including yeast, worms, and fruit flies.

In their own words, “The wonder substance seems to work in the same way as does drastic calorie cutting. Dramatic reduction of calories has been shown to increase the lifespan.” 

There are many Resveratrol supplements out there on the market - buy buyer beware, you want to find a quality brand that delivers what it promises.

Super Anti Aging Foods #2: DARK CHOCOLATE

But that doesn't mean you can eat chocolate bars all day! Bummer, huh.

The real benefit of chocolate comes from the extremely high level of antioxidants found inside the active components.

In fact, a Harvard study reviewed 136 scientific articles published between 1996 and 2005 on chocolate and its ingredients.

Their analysis found that eating 50 grams of dark chocolate per day may reduce the risk of heart disease by 10.5 percent. In addition, eating dark chocolate as an anti aging food may lower the risk of dying from heart disease by 19 percent.

Plus, dark chocolate contains antioxidants universally praised for their ability to fight off free radical damage (which causes aging) and make you look and feel younger. And no substance contains higher concentrations than pure cocoa extract!

As a self proclaimed chocoholic, this is great news!

Super Anti Aging Foods #3: GREEN TEA

According to the October issue of Harvard Women's Health Watch, The health benefit of Green Tea mostly a result of its high flavonoids content. Flavonoids are antioxidants that are plant derived.  Green tea is a great plant based source of a group of flavonoids called catechins.

In the test tube environment, this group called catechins are much more powerful than vitamin E and vitamin C in stopping oxidative damage to your cells. They also have other properties that help fight disease. Studies have linked the consumption of green tea and the reduced risk for various cancers, including:

  • lung
  • breast
  • esophageal
  • bladder
  • skin
  • colon

For people who regularly consume black or green tea, benefits also include:

  • reduced risk of heart disease
  • improved artery function
  • increased HDL (good) cholesterol
  • blocking the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol

According to a Chinese study which was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, there was a 46%-65% decrease in the risk of hypertension in those that regularly consumed oolong or green tea, in comparison to those who did not consume the tea.

These three foods are literally the “best of the best” when it comes to combating the aging process and potentially extending your life.

A Natural Solution

Bio Oxidate Defense is an herbal supplement pack with anti-oxidants to that helps your body deal with cell damage by supporting a healthy cellular process. That means that your body will get nutrition it needs to counteract oxidation that occurs in the cells. This leads to your body being able to discourage aging by promoting the health of your cells.

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