Armpit Antifungals

by Karen

I had embarrassing dark skin on my armpits. I did not want to wear sleeveless tops or raise my arms.

I did research on Google and discovered a few natural remedies.

The first one is an exfoliation mitt. You can purchase one at your local grocery store or pharmacy. I take a shower in the evening, and at the end I exfoliate each pit for a few minutes. This sloughs the dead skins cells.

The second remedy is pure lemon juice. I apply it with a cotton ball before I go to bed. It soothes and acts as a bleaching agent.

The third remedy is rubbing alcohol. I use it instead of antiperspirant or deodorant because my skin is sensitive. The alcohol is an antiseptic, and it closes the pores.

My armpits look so much better. The skin is lighter and healthier. I have been wearing sleeveless tops with confidence!

Terri's Comments: Karen, great research. I actually use alcohol pads when I need something. I do notice that if I am drinking enough water that I don't even need the alcohol pads.

Deodorants and antiperspirants are so toxic. I applaud your efforts in finding a natural solution to an embarrassing problem. Thank you for telling us about your experience.

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