Autism Cure and Treatments

Autism treatments and autism cure require natural support and changes to your body. There is a three prong approach to take:

  • Help heal the gut
  • Get the heavy metals and other toxins out
  • Increase Nutrients

Environmental illness, which some consider this, typically causes gastrointestinal distress and food sensitivities. When the gastrointestinal system is compromised, the immune system suffers as well. To find out more, check out the Characteristics for Autism.

What Nutrients are Necessary to assist with an Autism Cure

A single nutrient does not work for just one symptom. A comprehensive approach is needed for the body. Here is a nutritional grocery list:

  • Essential Fatty Acid Supplement - helps to heal the sensitive walls of the intestine.

  • Digestive Enzymes. Digestive enzymes assist the body in breaking down foods, which can help eliminate large proteins gaining access to the blood stream. These vegetable based enzymes in this product are designed to support normal healthy digestion of gluten proteins.

  • Immune Enhancer- A strong immune system removes toxins and damaged cell material. It supports the body’s ability to do cellular “house cleaning.” It helps your body to: Remove harmful heavy metals, Remove daily toxins, Remove damaged cellular materials. A couple of items designed for children are: KiddieBoost, Kiddie Florish. Both of these are from Native Remedies which I use all the time for high quality nutritional products.

  • Phyto Nutrient Multivitamin and mineral complex - A broad vitamin and mineral supplement is critical for restoring health. Minerals are particularly important because many toxins like mercury directly impact mineral transport within the body.

  • Probiotics are natural supplements that provide the stomach with "good" gut flora. Probiotic intestinal health support provides the “right” bacteria to help regulate the delicate balance that exists among these bacteria for a healthy intestine. A wide variety of bacteria and other microorganisms help keep your digestive system running smoothly. These microscopic life forms—known as probiotics—break down food and process waste.

  • Get the toxins out. Detoxification is critical to restoring your child to proper health. Some of the more popular forms of detoxification. Zeolite is a wonderful product that removes heavy metals.Its easy to use if you get the liquid as it can easily be added to drinks.

  • Himalayan Sea Salt Cleansing Baths also help remove toxins from the body. A bath in Himalayan sea salt is like going on a three day cleanse so it is a great way to detox the body without special potions and drinks.

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