Benefits of Honey

by Jan

Raw Honey

Raw Honey

Benefits of Honey is my thing when it comes to natural cure alternatives. I, like many others always thought honey was just something sweet and delicious sold in jars on shop shelves and was given to you when young with lemon juice for nasty coughs.

But when my youngest daughter who was only three at the time and spending more time in hospital than out with asthma I read on the off chance a magazine article.

This taught me what I first discovered about the benefits of honey and started me on a journey which continues to this very day.

Honey it seems is very powerful when it comes to health and medical problems. There are many enzymes in honey introduced by honey bees. When they are activated with damp conditions a natural formation of hydrogen peroxide is stimulated.

This can clear up stomach infections even to the extent of healing stomach ulcers which are formed by the presence of heli-pylori bacteria. This is just one of the benefits of eating honey plus it is an excellent form of natural nutrition.

Honey is used today in hospitals to heal MRSA and severe nappy rash on little babies. Now if honey can do that then think what it can do for your cuts, grazes and skin infections.

Part of my daughters illness included excema, this was all over her poor little body but the healing power of honey cleared this up in no time at all.

As my knowledge grew about this wonderful nectar, I discovered the best type to buy was raw honey, this contains traces of bee pollen and Propolis.

Bee pollen is so nutrient dense that some say it is possible to live on this alone! Propolis is a medical miracle, it is the most powerful and natural anti-biotic there is. And the best thing is you can never become immune to it unlike the anti-biotics our doctors so freely prescribe.

As for my young daughter, once I started her on a regieme of honey and Propolis her excema disappeared, her asthma improved dramactically and her hospital visits became a thing of the past.

Terri's Comments: Thanks so much Jan for your contributions and all the information on this sweet nectar.

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