Celtic Sea Salt

Bowls of Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Sea Salt

What makes it better than iodized salt - it is whole and authentic and often referred to as unrefined sea salt...so what does that mean?

In our society today, salt appears to be the scapegoat. We are told that having less salt in our diet will decrease our chances of a stroke as well as heart disease. We have also heard that reducing our salt intake will lower blood pressure.

So now are now thinking that if we exclude salt from our diet, we are eating healthier. Is it true? Can salt be healthy for us? Is it detrimental to our health? Not sure of the truth?

Well, salt can be healthy for us if we use the right type of salt. But what has happened is that the medical studies don't use sea salt that is unrefined, the studies use regular iodized table salt which has a much different composition than Celtic sea salt.

Sea salt contains numerous minerals and vitamins that common table salt does not have. It includes two specific minerals that are well known for helping maintain normal blood pressure: potassium and magnesium.

Grey Celtic Salt which is unrefined numerous minerals including magnesium and potassium. These minerals are responsible for supplying our bodies with  essential nutrients that are needed for it to function optimally.

Unlike iodized, which is credited to raise blood pressure,  unrefined salt does not cause blood pressure to be elevated; in fact, because of the abundance of important minerals, it can actually help with lowering your blood pressure.

The Difference

I have shared with you the importance of unrefined salt but you may still be asking, what is th real difference - 80 plus minerals. These minerals help with the normal functioning and maintenance of our body.

Does this give you permission to add loads of salt to your food, even though it might have a bunch of important minerals? No. What it does mean is that moderate amounts of Light Grey Sea Salt can be added to your food and used for cooking without the adverse affects on your blood pressure or other serious health issues for people who have normal kidney function.

Personally, I suggest you use only unrefined salt when you eat. That is what is in our salt shaker at home.

A Quote From Dr. Shamim Daya, January 1999:
"The Celtic Sea Salt is a wonderful, vital and essential food for the body. Today, when so many people are suffering from adrenal exhaustion, low blood pressure and mineral deficiencies, the Celtic Sea Salt is an ideal and invaluable remedy. What makes the Celtic-Sea Salt so magical is that it is one of thefew foods left in nature that is not man made or man interfered with. So it has a composition of minerals that is naturally balanced and also has an "energy" that is very harmonious to the body. Many chronic fatigue and adrenally exhausted patients greatly benefit from including the Celtic Sea Salt in their treatment regime."

For many people a low-salt diet (iodized/refined) does not work. People won’t feel well when sodium levels are lowered because their energy level drops and they develop hormonal and immune system imbalances.

It is best to avoid iodized. It is considered a dangerous and toxic additive that provides our bodies with little if any nutritional benefit.  Unrefined salt such as Celtic Sea Salt should be your preference for seasoning your food.

Studies show that deficiencies in minerals are present in many common health issues and chronic illnesses. And without proper mineral intake, these health threats cannot be overcome.

What does the doctor say? Unfortunately, mainstream medicine don't understand what the differences is between unrefined and refined salt.  The 80 plus minerals are in perfect proportion for use by our bodies.

To function optimally, our bodies require adequate, balanced sodium and mineral levels. Using unrefined salt is the answer for providing both of these factors.

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