Certified Wellness Coach

Terri is your personal and certified wellness coach specializing in preventative health and weight management. She helps people eat healthy, be healthy and stay healthy because she knows if you don't take care of your body, where will you live?

She is a publisher of www.natural-cure-alternatives.com and hcgdietcafe.com, author of numerous wellness books and advocate of holistic health and well being. As a Certified Weight Management and Integrative Wellness Advisor, Terri offers personalized consultations to put you on the road to wellness.

Her consultations are informative, motivational and targeted to your lifestyle. You will meet with Terri by phone, Skype or via internet conferencing (no worries, Terri can guide you on how to do this).

Terri is also available to speak to groups and businesses as an adjunct to their current wellness programs. 

Certified Wellness Coach Offerings

You are in need of Terri's help if any of the following applies to you. Do you want to:

  • Prevent cancer. (This is not about early detection.)
  • Ward off diabetes
  • Manage cholesterol naturally
  • Handle menopause gracefully
  • Lose weight effortlessly
  • Overcome the ill effects of cancer treatment
  • Support your body naturally in dealing with autoimmune diseases
  • Get rid of minor issues such as plantar's warts, motion sickness, etc.
  • Overcome allergies
  • Deal with Candida
  • and more

Wellness Consultation $195

Work one on one with Terri to get answers for your personal wellness questions and get started on your road to wellness. If you have already started on your road and are ready for the next step, she works with you to take you to the next level. Get the wellness help you need under Terri's guidance.

Weight Management Packages

Our weight management packages can be found at: www.HCGDietCafe.com

Weight Management Coaching Packages can be found here 

12 Week Wellness Transformation $1999

The 12 Week Wellness Transformation takes you step by step on a journey to make the lifestyle choices that will keep you healthy, energetic and feeling young. We spend about an hour a week together for 12 weeks and build on lifestyle changes to make a healthier you.

Terri works with you in accordance with your lifestyle and is a master at creating ways to make change easy and flexible based on your needs. If you feel tired and feel like you are getting old, this is your ticket to having more energy and feeling great. If you have a major health issue, the steps you take in this personalized transformation can change all that. 

We meet at a mutually agreeable time every week to lead you on your journey.

Group Wellness Transformation

You and your friends or co-workers can get together and work on wellness together. Terri offers a wellness transformation program to groups of 2 or more. She will meet with you and discuss with you the needs of the group and put together a group program. Contact her to discuss the details.

Speaking Engagements

Terri is available to speak to businesses, networking groups, non-profit groups and more. She shares her knowledge and expertise of the wellness field which she has been studying for over 20 years. 

Arrange a Speaking Engagement

No matter what, its really important for you to seek assistance whether it be from me or someone else in the wellness field. We tend to rely on doctors for information yet they have very little, if any, training in nutrition and wellness.  

Just awhile ago someone told me they were undergoing cancer treatment and learned enough to stay away from sugar which feeds cancer. She told her oncologist about this and he said that with her type of cancer, it really didn't have any effect. I went onto ask her if she gets PET scans which use a sugar solution in the body to get the cancer cells to "light up" for the scan.  She said yes. I then asked the question - "if the cancer cells light up for the scan because of sugar, then how can it be a cancer that is unaffected by sugar?"  - food for thought. Just from a logic perspective this didn't make sense to me - or her either once I asked the question.

That is why it is so imperative to seek assistance outside of the allopathic health care model (traditional medicine). Yes, you might have to spend out of pocket money but isn't your health worth the price?

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