Chiropractic and Learning Disabilities

by Buffalo, NY Chiropractor

Great Article! Every time I think about a child (person) with a learning disability I ask the question: Is drugging the child a vitalistic approach? Will that drug raise that child's health so that he / she can be more, do more and achieve a greater impact on fellow human beings. The research is out – and the answer is NO.

You must understand that a child that cannot learn will not be any brighter while being drugged. Interestingly, MD's in the US prescribe five times the quantity of stimulants for children as MD's in other countries. Many parents worry about drugging their children for multiple reasons. Their thoughts “Is there another way?”

Absolutely! Chiropractic offers a child the ability to be at their best without drugs. As a parent I urge you to get your child's spine evaluated to see if chiropractic can help your child. When as humanitarians are we going to stop lowering self achievement and start to deal with the cause of the problem? Healthier people for a healthier planet.

Terri’s Response: You are so right. Chiropractic care can certainly help and our children get way to much in the way of medication. So whether it be ADD or other learning disabilities, our children can certainly benefit.

My family goes to a chiropractor on a regular basis. We have one who uses applied kineseology to better assess what is going on in the body. Our results have been fantastic.

Sounds a little strange but we will go to our chiropractor for care before we go to our medical doctor even for allergies and colds.

I am not sure the general population realizes how important proper spinal alignment is to our health, so thanks for writing to remind us of this valuable health tool.

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