Cleansing and Fasting - How this truly has changed my life!

by Poppy
(United Kingdom)

Woke up during Sept 2010, feeling sluggish, tired and suffering with low self-esteem and started to read about body (colon) cleansing and nutrition.

I have to state, that the main causes for feeling this way, was due to some serious depression, lack of physical activity and weight gain. So I decided on the 13th Sept, to change my life and I am so happy that I did and I can see the results.

I started with 3-day fasting (no food) just taking luke warm water, herbal teas, salt & water drink mix.

First wk:: After the first 3 days, I felt great - physically more active (taking long walks at lunch), mentally alert and above all not hungry. I noticed my clothes fitted better, my skin was clearer (prone to the odd breakout) and my focus/attention was clear on the end goal, to make a lifestyle change. Resumed eating slowly, sticking to soft foods and no processed foods.

Second wk: Did another 3 days and felt better than the previous wk and this time it was easier, no hunger feeling, no tiredness - great.

Third wk: Did another 3 days, felt a little tired (but this was done to my time of the month), but still felt better than before starting the health-change and supplemented sugary foods with natural sugar in fresh and dried fruit (this satisfied, very sweet tooth) and switched over to 0% milk and cut out the processed foods

Fourth wk: Just
started a master cleanse and will aim to stick to this (5-10days). I have bucket loads of drive and determination and I am so happy to have made this life 'body & mind' change.

Another important point to add, is that through this new health regime, I have a more clearer insight into why I was depressed and can analyse and avoid problems before they arise (except for when people refuse to listen).

I truly believe in starting this life change, this has helped me to reduce my medication to the point, where I only take it - when I need it.

I wish I could reach out to more people, to tell my full story (as there were a number of sad events which resulted in me being depressed and this resulted in a very difficult time for me, my husband (who is my rock and saved my life) and my family (who couldn't accept would had happened to me).

This is a good start to share.

Best Regards and anyone out there who feels there is no hope and why bother - just read this story (I was in the same place) and after time, acceptance and change ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

LOL Poppy x

Terri's Comments: Poppy, thanks so much for sharing your story. It is amazing how what we eat affects us not only physically but emotionally.

Your story is why I started this site. To share with other's that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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