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Coconut oil for skin, Why? Coconut oil has been used quite extensively in tropical regions for generations. However, people from other areas have avoided using it for some grave misconceptions they had about it. But, things have changed dramatically in recent times.

More and more researchers have found out that coconut oil is one of the greatest gifts of nature to us. Some even claim it to be the best oil for health.

There are hundreds of conventional and non-conventional uses of this oil.

Whole Coconut

One of them is coconut oil for skin protection and nourishment. There are many benefits of using coconut oil for skin and we will discuss them in detail:

  1. Coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids which prevents oxidation. Our skin cells die because of oxidation. It is the main cause of aging. Using this oil for body massage can reduce the signs of aging.

  2. Most of the moisturizers are water based compounds which temporarily protect our skin from dryness. But, coconut oil has fatty acids which nourishes our skin and acts as permanent moisturizer. If your skin is very dry, using coconut oil regularly after bathing can make your skin smoother and softer. When you use soap, it takes away the natural oil away from our skin. You should make sure that you use coconut oil for skin otherwise using soaps will damage your skin on a regular basis.

  3. Skin problems like acne, wrinkles can be treated using coconut oil. The acids make sure that there is no free radical chain reaction in our skin cells causing them to break down. The anti-bacterial agents present in coconut oil keeps harmful bacteria away and thus you can get freedom from acne.

  4. Coconut oil has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents present in abundance in its structure. Therefore, problems like boils, warts and any other bacterial, microbial or fungal infections on our skin can be cured by coconut oil.

  5. The stable fatty acids can also cure skin inflammations and if you have this problem you should regularly pour coconut oil on the spot drop by drop.

So, we have established the fact that there are several benefits of using coconut oil for skin. Now, we will look into how we should apply this oil on our body.

First, it comes in a solid form. I usually transfer a portion from the larger jar I bought into a smaller covered jar, like a baby food jar. Sometimes, I will take it into the shower with me and just set it on the floor. Typically there is enough heat generated from the shower water to warm up the jar and soften the contents. If not, then I will run it under warm water or just let it set in warm water for a few minutes. After that, it is ready to use.

  • The most basic method is to apply coconut oil on our skin every day before a bath. If you use soap for bath then after bath also you should rub the oil on your whole body.

  • For different skin problems and skin diseases, selective application of coconut oil in the affected area can give you great results.

Since coconut oil is so good for our skin, even soap makers are now using it in their soaps. So, if you are not using it for your skin right now, you should start doing so on a regular basis. It will give you a healthy and radiant skin.

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