Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

An Amazing Contradiction

coconut oil for weight loss

You can actually use coconut oil for weight loss. For most of the western countries, the concept of weight loss has nothing to do with coconut oil. As we mistakenly have been taught that eating low fat helps with weight loss.

People used to think that coconut oil increases obesity. This myth was totally wrong and recent researches have shown that the truth is quite the opposite.

In fact, it stimulates weight loss rather than obesity. It is becoming common knowledge that you can seriously benefit from including this nutrient in your diet.

So, at first we will discuss how exactly this oil can reduce weight and then we will see how we can incorporate it in to our diet.

How it works?

When we integrate coconut oil in our diet, there are different mechanisms initiated in our body by coconut oil for weight loss:

  1. Coconut oil is actually made up of medium chain fatty acids. Medium chain fatty acids are very good for our metabolism. Now, these fatty acids actually elevate the rate of metabolism or BMR to burn out the excess calories we gain due to improper diets. This way, the excess fat in our body goes away and we lose weight. Also, it is good for our digestive system. If you have a properly functioning digestive system, you system and body work more efficiently so fat accumulation will be less.

  2. Coconut oil reduces your hunger. When we start a weight reducing diet, we generally crave more for food and most of us give in to that temptation. The medium chain fatty acids trigger enzymes that reduce our body’s desire for excess fat.

Now we know how it works so let's figure out how we can use coconut oil for weight loss. Here are a few tips you can follow when you create your eating program:

  • Remove vegetable oils form your diet and put virgin coconut oil in their place. You will also have less cholesterol in your cooked foods if you cook them with coconut oil.

  • Mix coconut oil in your daily protein shake.

  • Drink 2 teaspoon of coconut oil every day with hot water before your daily workout.

Now, if you have some extra pounds to shed start right away with a diet enriched with coconut oil. If you can do that rigorously, you will lose significant weight within a week. However, make sure that it’s a balanced diet and eat low glycemic.

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