Counting Calories has worked - twice!

by Deirdre

I found the best weight loss program for me to lose weight (30 lbs) was counting calories. I was working with a younger colleague who had started with a local slimming club and she teased me that she could lose more weight than me at the end of 6 weeks! Game on!

I didn't go to her club, but she copied all their literature for me and as she was on 1300 calories a day at 5 foot tall, I initially aimed for 1700 calories a day at 5 foot 8 inches tall. Ok, very amateurish and hit and miss, but I have to tell you that after 2 weeks of nothing budging, it started to drop off at about 2 lbs a week. This encouraged me so much, I started walking in the evenings and dropped the calories to 1600 a day. It took me about 5 months to lose the 30 lbs.

Last year, after a series of stressful events and a slipped disc, I put on 14 lbs. Yikes! Well, I went back to calorie counting and all is well, back to my ideal weight in a short period of time.

It will take a period of adjustment and perseverance to work out what foods will satisfy you and also what foods you ~don't~ want to miss out on. But, it is definitely worth it.

Whether you join a slimming club, or go online, or just work it out for yourself, have faith that it will work!

Oh, just to finish, I did lose more than my colleague in the end!

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