Cure For Piles

by Anonymous

I was suffering from piles 15 years ago when I was a heavy smoker and drunkard.

I was living a reckless life. I had undergone allopathy and homeopathy treatment for piles, but no significant changes occurred to the pain and suffering of the disease.

Then one of my friends who is naturopath advised me to undergo a natural path of eating only raw vegetables for period of one month and avoid tobacco and liquors.

Accordingly, I strictly followed my friends advice for one month.

After 2 weeks of raw food living the pain started receding and a new vitality and vigor came to my body.

After one month the blood completely stopped from the sore of the piles.

Ever since, raw food has been part of my diet (almost 30%). The disease never again came back.

Terri's Comments: Great job on following your friend's advice. Raw Food programs can be extremely beneficial for a number of health issues due to the high nutritional content of your food.

I read stories all the time of people who decided to eat 100% raw (or close to it) and have regained health they never thought possible. From losing weight to getting rid of cancer.

Best of luck for continued health.

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