Dry Brushing Your Skin

There are so many benefits of dry brushing your skin. I know at first it sounds like it might hurt a bit but it actually feels exhilarating as long as you brush properly.

So where to start on the benefits..... Your skin can look smoother, more resilient and healthier while having a better shot at combating bacteria!!

  • Helps to tighten your skin
  • Assists with your digestion
  • Helps to decrease the deposits of cellulite
  • Allows for increased circulation
  • Stimulates the renewal of your cells
  • Helps to cleanse your Lymphatic System
  • Gets rid of dead layers of skin
  • Helps your skin stay toned and tightened
  • Improves your Immune System
  • Helps to activate your Glands
  • It works as a lymphatic cleanse because it allows for better circulation of your lymph and blood
  • It is energizing to your nervous system
  • It feels good
  • Helps to keep your skin young by exfoliating.

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Why is Skin Brushing important?

For me it makes my skin smoother and helps to cleanse my body as well as my lymph glands.

Since your skin is largest organ of elimination your body has, taking proper care of your skin is essential to your wellness.

A lymphatic massage is the next best thing.

If your lymph nodes are swollen, it means that your body is working double time to keep you well and fight off disease.

If you have an infection that is not controlled, the lymphatic system can actually act as a roadway to spread the disease because of it's direct access to your blood stream. This can lead to your entire body being ill.

Again this is so dry skin brushing is so important as it helps your body cleanse the lymph system.

While our circulatory system has a pump - the heart, your lymph system does not. Do in order to get your lymph system moving, it needs your muscles to contract, your body to exercise, and also massage. This is why dry skin brushing it so helpful.

Dry skin brushing helps to keep our lymph system moving.

According to a well-known nutritionist, Robert Gray, if you practice dry brushing your skin for about five minutes each day, your body benefits as if it were 30 minutes of energetic physical exercise.

The Benefit:

Would you rather cut off body pieces and parts that go bad due to years of unknown poisoning or help your body clean itself out on its own.

So keep your skin healthy & clean, regularly practice dry brushing your skin.

Be sure to do the brushing properly or you may cancel the benefits.

Regular skin brushing can help to improve the health of your skin and it helps in stimulating lymph circulation as well as blood circulation to remove impurities and toxins beneath your skin's surface.

It truly enhances the circulation just beneath you layer of skin.

Dry brushing your skin with a natural body care skin brush increases the rate at that toxins are removed from your body, because it activates your lymph tissue and your blood cells which are two primary physiological cleansing and detoxing avenues. Remember that your skin is the largest organ of elimination in your body.

By dry skin brushing regularly you remove your dead skin cells and are able to stimulate your skin to eliminate and expel toxins much more efficiently. This will speed up the internal cleansing of your body which in turn reduces stress to your lungs, kidneys, and colon. So in turn it also helps your body with the elimination of any waste.

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