Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing with a natural body care skin brush is essential because the skin is the largest organ in the body, and is responsible for one-fourth of the body's detoxification each day. This also makes it, one of the greatest sources of the elimination of toxins!

I do skin brushing before every shower. However, many people are first introduced to it when they go on the master cleanse diet.

When you do dry skin brushing you basically provide a lymphatic cleanse for your entire body. It works the lymph system to clean itself of the toxins that collect in the lymph glands.

Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush

dry skin brush, yerba prima, tampico

You use this simple technique has so many benefits from improving the circulation of your skin and stimulating your lymph glands.

This also opens the pores of the skin, encouraging your body to discharge of metabolic wastes and toxins.

How To Do Dry Skin Brushing:

  1. Purchase a natural body care skin brush. You do NOT want a synthetic, bristle brush or you will scratch the surface of the skin.

  2. Buy a brush with a long handle, so you're able to get to those hard to reach areas of your body.

  3. Do brushing, before showering or bathing, at least once per day, and twice, if possible.

  4. Do NOT wet skin, since it this stretches the skin. The body has to be totally dry and naked.

  5. Always brush lightly and gently and avoid broken skin, thread veins and varicose veins.

  6. ALWAYS skin brush towards the heart with a sweeping type motion not a scrubbing motion.

  7. Do circular counter-clockwise strokes on the abdomen. For the rest of the body, brush clockwise in the morning as it is revitalizing and counter-clockwise in the evening as it is relaxing.

  8. Do circular strokes over and around breasts, but do NOT brush the nipples.

  9. Brush each part of your body several times, completely brushing your whole body.

  10. Brush the soles of the feet first, because the nerve endings there affect the whole body, next brush the ankles, calves, and thighs, then brush across your stomach and buttocks and lastly brush your hands to the arms. Remember brush toward the heart.

  11. Take a warm bath or shower AFTER you skin brush, which should always be followed by a cool rinse at the end.

  12. Wash your brush every few weeks in water and let it dry.

Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush

dry skin brush, yerba prima, tampico

Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Dry skin brushing helps remove dead cells, stimulates circulation and lymph drainage.

Poor lymph drainage is linked to cellulite, arthritis, hypertension and even depression. This practice keeps skin healthy and functioning well.

It can enhance the health of your whole system. Your skin will feel softer and your consciousness stimulated. The skin is the largest organ of elimination and discharges over a pound of waste products each day.

Dry brushing in the morning helps support this process. (In traditional Chinese medicine the skin is seen as the third lung.) This five to ten-minute ritual feels wonderful, and inspires you to wake up and move into your day with a fresh countenance.

Additionally, it is an excellent treatment for cellulite. Rinse off in the shower after if you like.

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