Everything Begins in the Mind.

by Anonymous

I have tried the master cleanse before but have always "cheated" however I'm entering the military and I have to loose weight so I've mentally prepared myself. With that said yesterday was the first day and I swear I could smell applebees food cooking in the air from 12 miles away :)

This is the second day and I'm starting to smell it and ignore it. If you tell yourself you can do this....you can. Believing is knowing you can accopmlish something just by having faith. This is only for the strong minded....believe me.

Terri's Response: This is so true. Thanks for sharing. Your mindset can make or break your success on this lemonade diet. I find if I do the master cleanse to lose weight I don't stay on it long. However, if I do it to be healthier, then I seem to stay on it longer as my motivation is different.

This is also why I believe on having The Master Cleanser Book by Stanley Burroughs on hand and/or the Master Cleanse Secrets Book.

The hardest part of staying on the cleansing program is having the mental fortitude and I find that re-reading these books or even scanning them keeps me on target. Best wishes on your journey.

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