Fastest Way to Lose Weight

fastest way to lose weight

Is HCG the fastest way to lose weight? When I first tried it, I would say yes. But about a year after I tried it, I would still say yes... HCG

Did I lose a pound a day like the diet boasts? Unfortunately not. I lost about 5 pounds a week and was able to keep it off after returning to a more normal eating program. 

I wasable to keep the weight off and while on the program, I didn't feel hungry or weak or anxious after the first couple days. I think it took my body about 2 days to adjust. 

Now, at first the HCG program seems to be a bit of a fad, however, the program has good nutrition, it focuses around portion control which is much easier with the homeopathic.

Seriously - the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

At the time I tried it, I was unable get my weight loss started and this program did it for me. I definitely thought I would be hungry but I wasn't - surprisingly so - at least no more hungry than usual. 

However, when my mind craved food - not my body, I would remind myself that I could lose up to a pound that day if I would just stay true to the program. I would spread the food out through out the day so I basically never went more that 2 or 3 hours without having something to eat. 

I like the first part of the program where you indulge for a couple of days before going on a very low calorie diet. Seemed scary to go on so few calories but I am amazed and how easy it was for me to transition. 

It is a very specific diet that you have to adhere to. If you don't follow the protocol, then it doesn't work. Not only that - but it works as a detox program too - an extra benefit. In fact I did find out that HcG is approved as a detox product. 

Initially, I thought, if you want the fastest way to lose weight then this is the program for you.  I found this as a great way lose fat yet maintain muscle mass, not be hungry and see almost immediate results.

HCG is definitely the way to go.

HCG, homeopathic

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