Fat Loss Coach

by Terri David

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Why might you need a fat loss coach?

The battle of the bulge seems to have overtaken the globe. Countries that used to have thin people are now finding that their citizens have taken on an unhealthy way of life.

In our society today, it certainly is a difficult chore. With the busy-ness of our lives and all that we have to do, grabbing a quick meal makes things easy.

Though grabbing a quick meal doesn’t have to be unhealthy or fattening.

For over two years I had been trying to get rid of my unwanted weight.....about sixty pounds worth...and was finally able to be successful.

Maybe it was because I was over 50, maybe it was because of menopause....it really didn’t matter the reason... I was stuck.

Weight used to always seemed to be an issue for me, I finally lost the unwanted fat in a very short time. So now I am creating programs to help others like you get rid of the fat and move onto wellness. I want to invite you to take advantage of this opportunity.

So, now that I have the secret formula, I can help you achieve your goals.

HCG Diet Cafe

As a certified Weight Management Advisor, my goal it to help over 100 people each year increase their capacity for wellness and weight management.

Do you want to be lead to health and thinness. Whether you want to use a product like HCG. to help you get rid of the fat or just follow a low glycemic eating plan. I meet with you and create a personalized program to provide you with the best option for you.

We delve into different concepts:

  • learning how to eat healthier so you lose that unwanted fat
  • how to make it a lifestyle choice
  • making wiser food choices
  • making wiser drink choices

Initially we meet by phone or Skype (we can even meet in person if you are local) to discuss goals, strategies, eating issues, and support. After our initial consultation, you can select whether you want weekly coaching or communication via email to answer questions, and keep you on track. I will help you figure out how to handle lifestyle situations that may sabotage your efforts and to check on your progress.

Based on your information, I create a personalized program to help you reach your goals.

This IS something that will work for you for the long term, not just hype.
Here is how you will benefit.

  • Develop habits to support you in leading a healthier lifestyle.
  • Have more energy
  • Step by step instructions to support you so you can stay on track.
  • Learn how to love your body, no matter what.
  • Lose up to an one inch from your waist line the first week and continue to lose inches throughout the program.
  • Lose more fat than muscle.

With your Personalized Program, you will receive:

  • Progress Chart
  • Goal Sheet
  • Food Diary

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After we have our initial consultation, I will provide you with a Personalized Action Plan to assist you with optimal wellness and fat loss.

This plan will include:

  • What you are already doing and what to keep doing
  • What to stop doing
  • Next step to incorporate
  • Suggested Supplements
  • Food list
  • Your goals

There are a couple requirements for you when you join the program.

You must commit to following The Fat Loss Coach Suggestions.

100% commitment to the program – no excuses.

You will follow the program suggestions that are shared. I promise, no jumping out of airplanes just healthy living and eating tools.

In order to lose fat and experience optimal wellness, quality real food supplements will be suggested. This is not to sell you supplements but to be sure you are getting proper nutrition for maximum results. Initially, I suggest no more than 3 or 4 supplements which are determined on an individual basis.

Are you with me? YES! Great, start the process now by making an appointment.

I don’t like fads or gimmicks, never have, never will. So when I work with you I provide you with a solid eating program that can fit into your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate as my schedule fills up pretty quickly.

Full consultation includes:

  • personalized action plan
  • food tracker
  • results tracker
  • email support
  • eating tricks and tips

You can make an appointment for a Fat Loss Coach Session

I look forward to working with you,

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There are many effective herbs and natural remedies, so let us know if you want a personalized consultation.