Food with Trans Fat

Here is a list of food with trans fat. You will see the label will typically say hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil.

It is like consuming plastic. Your body doesn't know what to do with this type of oil and it stays in your body for months. This is hard on your immune system and digestive system.

Foods that hide the trans fats:

breakfast bars



chicken that is breaded or fried



meat that is breaded or fried

french fries

fried foods


peanut butter (try the natural version, no sugar or trans fat)

potato chips

tortilla chips (try Tostito brand)






frozen dinners

frozen desserts

Warning: If the front of the package says 0g trans fat, it may still be a food that has trans fat, its just below the reportable requirement set by the FDA…

I not only try to stay away from them myself but I make sure to educate my children about them. When my son was just 3, he knew that he shouldn’t have hydrogenated oils and would ask me to read the label. If it didn’t include these oils, then he knew it was okay to put in the shopping cart or at least ask me if it could go in. If the product had hydrogenated oils then he knew to just put it back on the store shelf and find something that would be better.

Products with trans fat can be detrimental to your health. It is up to you to watch your foods and know what is in them. This is a case where ignorance is not bliss.

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