Foods to eat on the Master cleanse

by Ken M.
(Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada)

I hear there are some foods that you can eat while on the Master Cleanse that will not interfere with the process. If this is the case, can you let me know what they are and when and how much I can eat?

Thank you,

Terri's Reply: Sorry Ken, I have not hear of any foods you can eat on the master cleanse. Part of the reason the master cleanser is so effective is that you do not take in any foods.

However, I have talked to some people who have prepared simple broths and naturally caffeine free herbal teas just for a change of pace and they still got the results they desired from this lemonade cleanse.

Maybe a reader has an experience they would like to share to help with Kens' question. Anyone?

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May 19, 2010
Master Cleanse food options
by: Anonymous

I read in a master cleanse book/download that if you must eat something, that watermelon and cucumber are the best things to consume as they are mostly water. Other raw vegetables are ok, but they encourage you to avoid turning to any food, if possible. I guess it could slow things down during the cleanse.

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