Gabriel's Story

Sharing with you the story of my son Gabriel will provide you with an understanding how natural cures can work. He has had some major environmental and food allergies, then started having seizure

The Beginning

The pregnancy went fine but when it was time for him to come out of the womb, he came out quick. We found some things had gone wrong. The placenta abrupted, there was a knot in the cord, a tear in the cord and the cord was around his neck. His birth was a blessing in itself since any one of those issues could have caused him major harm.

Gabriel scored fine on the Apgar scale but then he skin turned grayer instead of pinker. They took my beautiful baby boy off to the neonatal intensive care (NICU).

He is our first child and we had all of these wonderful bonding dreams that were crushed. We were scared.

He was the biggest baby in the NICU since he was full term. The doctors did not tell us until after the first 24 hours but they had been looking for signs of brain damage. Fortunately there were none.

It wasn’t until I was expecting my daughter 3 years later that we found out that Gabriel had received numerous antibiotics—just in case---during that first week of life. Our guess is that it messed up the delicate bacteria balance in his intestinal tract and the circumstances around his birth set some unhealthy signals in motion including allergies.

He got jaundiced that first week and then finally we brought him home. Although breastfed, he became colicky and we could not figure out why. Again we learned why when my daughter was born.

I was eating a lot of dairy when I had Gabriel. I, unknowingly, wasn’t digesting dairy well and so Gabriel was getting it undigested and he could not digest it well. When my daughter was born three years later, I wasn’t eating much dairy and on days I did, she would get fussy in the evening.

Since then, I learned if a breastfeeding mother has a food intolerance or allergy and eats the offending food, she increases the chances for her child to have that allergy. So much for breastfed kids don’t have as many allergies! Breastfeeding is still a good thing.

So he was colicky for 3 months or so and most of his bowel movements for the next two to three years were like pebbles, round and hard. I knew this wasn’t right but I did not know what to do with him since he was so young and could not give me any feedback if I gave him a supplement. I knew his system was getting toxic and thought if I could just get more water in him it would help. I could work with adults in a situation like this but not a baby.

We noticed he was starting to develop allergies when he was 3½. He started getting recurrent ear infections. He would spike a fever and have a very painful earache one night. Then he would recover from a "cold" for the next seven to ten days. It would start all over again. After three months of this, Gabriel could not hear.

His hearing was tested and his nerves were working normally but his eardrum had no movement in it--too much fluid behind the eardrum. There are actually two situations here: one-how to cure the ear infections naturally and two-how to get the fluid out and the eardrum moving naturally.

Fortunately, in December 2001, we took him to a chiropractor who adjusted him and his hearing was back to normal within 24 hours. A very obvious natural cure!

The Cause

Allergies: We did not know it at the time but his body was reacting to some allergies that just surfaced that fall. Both my husband, Richard, and I distinctly remember being at a friend's party in September 2001. My friend had a cat then Richard and Gabriel went outside to play for awhile. That night Gabriel spiked a fever and had a major earache. The following January 2002, we had Gabriel tested for environmental allergies. What came up? Cat allergy off the chart and ragweed at the top of the chart!!I searched many natural alternatives for his allergies (acupuncture, NAET, Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, just to name a few). Everything we tried helped but nothing helped completely. His allergies weren’t as severe but still very present. I was trying to find a naturopath like Diane who had helped me overcome my allergies.

Seizure Disorder

October 2005: When he was 7 ½, Gabriel had a tonic colonic seizure. At first it appeared to be a photosensitive seizure. The cause of the seizure was attributed to a computer screen that blinked at 30 cycles per second. I thought this was a one time event. People asked me if it was an epileptic seizure, ok folks---here’s the news--- epilepsy is when someone has two or more seizures—that’s it. Since then he has had 3 more, there goes the one-time event theory. We still do not consider him epileptic even though he has had more than one.

Seizure Cause

Okay, now the culmination of all this. I remember in January 2006 at a basketball game. Gabriel was on the court trying to play and he was squinting because his nose was runny and kept rubbing his itchy eyes. It was January for heaven sake!

I was reading up on seizure disorders and found that excess mucous can be a contributing factor to seizures as well as a toxic system causing system overload, deficient metabolic functions, mineral deficiencies. Well, all that certainly fit Gabriel.

March 2006: With all the natural cure information I had, I still needed professional natural help. Gabriel had another tonic colonic seizure. At this point, we did put him on an anti-seizure medication called, Depakote, with much hesitancy. I knew there was a way for him to overcome this naturally, I just hadn't found it yet. The anti-seizure medication would keep Gabriel from experiencing a seizure but would not get him healthier. After all, he wasn't depakote deficient. This was serious and we knew we would wean him off once we got a proper nutrition and supplement program underway and his body stabilized.

Reams Test

April 2006: I finally met with a naturopath, Dr. Shea from Georgia (we live in Michigan), who put Gabriel on a program. With Reams testing we found all the following were off the chart:

  • sugar level
  • conductivity (electrical currents in the body-attributes to a seizure)
  • He lacked trace minerals, he was getting no circulation to his head and he was deficient in iodine (this deficiency is common in teens who commit suicide).
  • Gabriel's Program

    Here is what his program started with:

    • AIM Barley Life: 1 Tablespoon, two times per day (a green superfood)
    • Chlorophyll: 2 ounces, two times per day
    • Denali Green: one drop per day
    • Hi Lignan Flax Oil: 1 Tablespoon, two times per day
    • 9 Drops per day
    • Nature's Plus Nutrizyme: 1 with meals
    • Monosaccharide Complex: 1/2 Teaspoon (2 scoops), 2 times per day
    • Antioxidant: 1 capsule per day
    • Immune Complex: 1 tablet per day
    • Children's Vitamin Mineral Supplement: 2 per day
    • Children's Phytonutrient Supplement: 2 per day
  • Himalayan Sea Salt Bath once per week. We were doing two per week initially.
  • May 2006: Gabriel had two other seizures. He had gotten sick and had one while he was sleeping, then had another the same week. This last one he had was very different then the others. The others were tonic colonic seizures where as this last one was more of the petit mal variety. He just stiffened up then collapsed. Although his anti-seizure medication blood level was 61, (desired range is 50-100) the neurologist wanted him to increase his dose from 4 to 5 pills per day.

    Since this last seizure was so different than the previous, I saw it as a good sign that his body was healing itself and that his sickness just brought them to the surface. Reluctantly we put him on 5 capsules per day.

    June 2006: I have noticed a brightness come back into his eyes. His allergies although not totally clear YET are barely noticeable. I knew the nutrients were working but wasn't sure if they were working enough to get him off the seizure medication.

    October 2006: We met with the pediatric neurologist, he has been seizure free since May. Sshhh-don't tell the neurologist but I knew it wasn't the medicine doing that but the nutrients. His blood level of the seizure medication was now 78. She felt is was ok. I am thinking that he was just three hours away from his second dose and that seemed high to me.

    I have talked with many people with that have had a child in seizure situations and for the majority, the seizures tend to come more often, not less, even with medication. It is a balancing act to get the right level of anti-seizure medication in the body to contain the seizures.

    Although searching, I have not been able to find a local naturopath to redo the Reams test. If the electrical conductivity numbers were in range, I wanted start reducing the anti-seizure medication.

    November 2006: Gabriel was not taking any nutrients except the monosaccharide complex. I increased the amount to 1 teaspoon (4 scoops, then 6), 2 times per day. I was so confident he was getting better I took his anti-seizure medication down to 4 capsules.

    We had a 24 hour EEG scheduled at the end of December 2006. The week before the EEG, I decreased his anti-seizure medication again to 3 capsules. I knew he would be around me 24/7 for the holiday break and I could check with him to find out if he had any "interruptions" (Gabriel named his very short absence seizures this.)

    The morning of the EEG, I didn't even give him his anti-seizure medication. We went to the doctor's office to get him hooked up for this outpatient test. The EEG technician slapped my hand when I told her what I had done. So that evening I got him back on the anti-seizure medication.

    I wanted a "clean" EEG. The doctor had told me that when a child is on anti-seizure medication the test might give a false positive. I figured the less seizure medication in Gabriel would give a clearer indication of there being any seizure activity.

    November 2006: We cut back to only the monosaccharide complex and the antioxidant. However, Gabriel's intake of the monosaccharide complex was being increased until we got up to 12 scoops a day for about 2 weeks, then we leveled off at 8 scoops.

    December 2006 I ran out of antioxidant and did not replenish...I noticed he started sneezing again.

    January 2007: The neurologist's office called. The EEG was normal-HOORAY. Unless the EEG technician told her, she doesn't yet know that I decreased his medication that week.

    February 2007: Gabriel is only on the Monosaccharide Complex and back on the Antioxidant. He is on 8 scoops of the Monosaccharide Complex and down to 4 capsules of the anti-seizure medication. As he has gained 10 pounds since this started and has decreased his medication, that tells us that he is improving. Normally as a child's weight increases so does the medicinal dose. His is decreasing and we continue to expect it to do so.

    For about $5 a day, the nutritional program that Gabriel is on is helping his body heal and allowing us to decrease the medication that his is on. What a great deal.

    May 2008: Gabriel has been seizure free for 2 years---YEAH!! So the doctor wants to ween him off the medication (double YEAH!) then have another EEG to see what his body is naturally doing. It will take about 6 weeks to wean and 4 months total to get the medication out of his system before another EEG.

    September 2008: Time for the EEG. This is not so fun for Gabriel and I hope its the last. He has been off of medication since the beginning of July. He has had no seizures and is not experiencing any interruptions.

    The EEG Experience

    At the doctor's office, the EEG technician measures his head and marks the electrode locations with a red marker of sorts. The tech puts a couple dozen electrodes on his head and forehead as well as patches on his chest to monitor his heart. To put the electrodes on, the tech spreads a special glue onto them then presses them onto his head in the marked locations. They wrap his head in gauze including his forehead and under his chin so it stays in place. This takes at least 45 minutes of Gabriel sitting still. Plus the tech has to set the program for the machine. All the electrodes are attached to a little machine in a fanny pack he has to carry with him for 24 hours. He looks like a little mummy. We actually used to term the EEG "mummy head" but he didn't like it so we more affectionately term it "marshmallow head". He has to wear it for twenty four hours. Next comes removing the electrodes and the glue that holds them in place. This is a tedious job. His head has to be soaked with conditioner to loosen up glue that holds the electrodes and combed through to get the all the glue out. Then his hair has to be shampooed several times to remove the marker and whats left of the glue.

    The End

    October 2008: WOO HOO!! Results of the EEG say that there is only a slight abnormality and according to the doctor medication is no longer needed. However, I add that nutrients are still needed.

    May 2009: Allergy season is at its height - you can see the pollen accumulating on the cars. Gabriel was out all day yesterday, cut the grass the day before and I have not heard even a sneeze!!

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    It's truly a passion of me to share this life changing information with you. If you want to discuss your child's health and well being, please arrange a consultation.

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