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Craving Smasher

This recording is perfect for those who want to finally kick those junk food cravings. Through a visualization exercise, you can put an end to your cravings and finally throw out that secret stash of Oreos you have hidden in your closet. Currently priced at $4.97 (USD).

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Automatic Goal Setting

Automatic Goal Setting CD

Put Your Weight Goals on Autopilot

This two-step audio focuses on putting your body and mind into an automated state in order to achieve your ideal weight goal. Step one has you properly define and set up your goal through a S.M.A.R.T. format. The second step takes you through visualizing your goal and putting it in a timeline. $4.97 USD

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How to Eat More,
Weigh Less & Stay Young

Forget the diets and the fad pills. In this book, Terri gives away the best-kept secrets concerning healthy eating. Learn to ditch the weight-loss fads and diets and start eating low glycemic foods.

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Whatever You Do,
Don't Go To The Gym

Whatever You Do Don't Go To the Gym by Terri David

Stay Fit by Learning How to Exercise and Not Know It

Being active and healthy doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. Learn how to avoid the gym by incorporating small workouts into your everyday home and work life. Get Terri’s tips for an active life today.

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Easy HCG Diet Recipes to
Keep You on Your Program

Plus Tips for Fast Meals

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Adios Cellulite!

Your Guide to Natural Cellulite Removal

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