Health Benefits of Antioxidants

How Do They Help Us

The health benefits of antioxidants are numerous. Not only do they help with keeping your body young, anti-aging, they also help with preventing such health issues as stroke, heart disease, cancer and more.

At an American Society for Reproductive Medicine meeting, research even showed that antioxidants that are found in fruits and veggies can help men boost their fertility.

These findings, although well known in the naturopathic world, finally made it to the world of medicine.

They looked at a group of men that were infertile and found that 83% of them were eating less than 5 servings of produce a day. (I don’t like to say this, but I believe this is true for many Americans, how many of you eat at least 5 servings per day?) 

They tested them for sperm mobility and found that the men eating the least amount of vegetables and fruits, had the lowest mobility.

This shows that the more fruits and vegetables men eat, the healthier the sperm. 

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Antioxidants are natural substances that protect our bodies from forming free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to our cells thus impairing our immune system.

Once our immune system doesn’t function properly, it leads to infections and degenerative disease such as heart disease, cancer and stroke. 

Antioxidants are found in all fruits and vegetables but berries have especially high levels of them. Not only do they boost our immune system, the health benefits of antioxidants include helping our bodies with memory, balance, coordination and motor skills.

If you are not sure which antioxidants to take, glutathione is known as the master. It is the key to protecting against free radical damage.

According to The Antioxidant Miracle: Put Lipoic Acid, Pycnogenol, and Vitamins E and C to Work for You - - “Antioxidants work together in the body to maintain our health and vigor well in the late decades of life. They do this by protecting us from damage caused by free radicals, which can injure health cells and tissues.”

Bottom Line: not only do these free radical fighters help with fertility, the health benefits of antioxidants help with anti-aging and work with your body to keep you young.

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