Health Benefits of Tumeric

by Mary

When I was a child, sometimes when I had a tummy ache or did not feel well, I would go to the bottle of French's mustard, grab a teaspoon full of it and eat it. No one told me that it would help me but it sure helped a whole lot.

Many years later I found out that one of the main ingredients in French's Musterd is Turmeric and that Tumeric is a real powerhouse of healing.

Turmeric is now becoming quite popular in the United States. It has been used as a standard in Indian cooking and in Indian medicine as well.

The bold yellow color is perfect for dying clothes and unfortunately also for staining them if one is not careful.

I have been purchasing jars of it from Indian markets and from grocery stores.

I have used it on my gums when they were sore as it has antibacterial properties. I have told others about the healing nature of Tumeric.

One friend swears by it to assist her with joint pain. One brother is using it to ward off bone cancer as his blood tests showed precursers of that condition.

I am glad that my brother and friends took my advice and started that remedy as I firmly believe that it will be proven to be effective for many conditions... And this is a spice found in Indian kitchens and in prepared mustard.

Terri's Comments: Mary, thanks for reminding up about this power-packed spice. It's active ingredient is curcumin, a natural wonder. Here are a few more tidbits on it:
  • May prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease by removing amyloyd plaque buildup in the brain.

  • May prevent metastases from occurring in many different forms of cancer.

  • May aid in fat metabolism & help in weight management.

  • It is a strong natural anti-inflammatory that works as well as many anti-inflammatory drugs but without the harmful side effects.

  • Natural liver detoxifier.

  • Has shown promise in slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis in mice.

  • Is a natural painkiller.
Well, I guess its time to put some mustard on my sandwich!

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