Rules for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is essential to your longevity, wellness and weight. Here are the rules to assist you on your journey of good health.

  1. When possible, eat food in its natural state.
  2. We all come from the hunters and gatherers of the earth…was their way healthy eating? Probably. They didn’t bake bread or make cookies. They ate nuts, seeds, tree sap, plant, and fruits. We should do the same. 

  3. Eat foods comparatively difficult to digest.
  4. The harder it is to digest the more slowly it goes into our system. That leads to minimal insulin response. Eat foods low on the glycemic index.

  5. Eat foods high in fiber.
  6. Fiber can be difficult to impossible to digest. Not digesting it can actually be beneficial. It helps keep our intestines clean and makes us feel full.

  7. Do NOT use artificial sweeteners.
  8. Artificial is just that: artificial. It isn’t healthy or good for you. Artificial sweeteners can still cause the body to have an insulin reaction.

    Better choices: Stevia and Xylitol. Both these items are low glycemic so they don’t raise blood sugar, which means people with diabetes can use them. (see stevia)

  9. Avoid foods white in appearance.
  10. White foods such as white rice and white flour tend to be high glycemic. They raise your blood sugar fast, don’t have much fiber and are too easy to digest. One exception: cauliflower!
  11. Drink sufficient water.
  12. Water is essential for our survival. It helps cleanse our body by flushing out our tissues and help our bodies work like they are supposed to.

  13. Time your food intake.
    Eating healthy means you eat every 2 hours or so, which helps keep your blood sugar balanced. Too often we eat huge meals then don’t eat for 5 or six hours. By timing your food intake, it helps your body use fat as energy and keeps your energy even throughout the day.

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