Healthy with Soybeans

by Rick

Soybeans? Yes! It used to be that when winter came around, I was sick for almost 3 months straight.

I would get on the bus and catch something, go in the store and catch something, or just catch something from nothing at all!

Well, one day I decided that I was done getting sick all the time, so I researched different ways of staying healthy in winter. I tried drinking green tea, but it only helped a little.

I don't take unnatural drugs, so that was out of the question. So, by process of elimination, my next choice was soybeans. I started eating dried soybeans, fresh soybeans in the pod, and even things like tofu and bean curd. Just like that, my problem stopped almost completely.

Now I can get through winter with hardly a sniffle, and it's all thanks to the lowly but lovely soybean! If you want to try something new for those winter colds, try soybeans.

Terri's Comments: Ok Rick, I knew that soybeans had a lot of healthy attributes, including immune system support, but did not realize that they could help as much as they helped you. I am so glad they did. Thanks for taking the time to write us.

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