Himalayan Pink Salt -Nature's Gift From the Sea

himalayan pink sea salt

Have you heard about Himalayan pink salt? This is also known as Himalayan sea salt and is considered royalty as salt goes.

This salt contains 84 ionic minerals and is easily absorbed into our bodies. It is more than beneficial to your body in a variety of ways.

How Is It Different From Other Salts?

Himalayan pink salt is carefully harvested by hand. The salt contains natural minerals and trace elements that are found in our bodies and that we need to be healthy. There are no chemicals, anti-caking, fillers or other additives in it like the table salt that has been processed. It does not raise blood pressure unlike table salt. You can get it in the form of fine or large crystals. You can even get a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp to help clean the air in your room.

What Makes Himalayan Pink Salt So Special?

It is the purest of all mineral salt and is only found in the Himalayas. The minerals it contains are vital for human life. This Himalayan sea salt formed when a sea dried up some millions of years in the past and compression happened with the elements to make the salt.

Has It Been Proven To Help?

Yes, it has been proven with double blind research to work. It is reported to cause noticeable improvement in circulatory, respiratory, organ, nervous system, and connective tissue functions. People also say that it improves their levels of energy, concentration abilities, sleep quality, ability to lose weight, improves brain functions, improves the growth of hair and nails, and heightens awareness.

For those of you who do cleansing fast, a sea salt cleanse bath is like a three day fast


There are numerous reasons for you to use this gift from nature.

  • Salt is needed for the osmosis to occur that allows the water into our cells.
  • Salt has to be present for the cells to attract water.
  • The himalayan salt with all of its nutrients enables the cells to absorb water. This is the action that also enables nutrients to enter our cells from our supplements or food..

This natural salt is great to replace the salt the bodies lose when sweating. Sweating can cause the sodium in the blood to go low. This can turn into a serious condition if not corrected. You can even mix some of the himalayan sea salt with water, lemon juice and a natural sweetener for a beneficial sports drink.

Himalayan pink salt can be used in neti pots to flush your sinuses out. This can make it hard for the viruses and bacteria to take hold in the nose to cause infections. It can be used as a nasal inhaler to help with respiratory functions.

Negative Ions are released after a storm or around water. They can even be found high on the tops of mountains. These ions can clean the air of various pollutants and with the Himalayan sea salt and special lamp can be made to help achieve this at your house.

This salt also will not raise blood pressure like regular table salt. It is one salt that is nothing but good for you.

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