Home Remedy for Ear Ache

Are you seeking a home remedy for ear ache? The best way to share what I know about earache relief is to tell you what we did when my son was had recurring earaches and fluid in his ear. 

When my son was three and a half years old, he started getting earaches. He would spike a fever and have a very painful earache at night. Then he would recover from a "cold" for the next seven to ten days.

It would start all over again. After three months of this, my son could not hear. 

His hearing was tested and his nerves were working normally but his eardrum had no movement in it--too much fluid in the ear. 

There are actually two situations here: one-what was the home remedy for the ear ache and two-how to get the fluid in the ear, out of the ear allowing the eardrum to move naturally.

For the earache relief, we used a combination oil of mullien-garlic-st johnswort in his ear. We would warm the oil by standing the bottle in a cup of hot water (be sure to test this so it is not too hot). 

In whichever ear was painful, we put three drops in and plugged it with a small cotton ball. I still use it to this day. 

The garlic works as an antibiotic. The mullien works as a painkiller and relieves inflammation. The St. Johns Wort inhibits viral infections and is good for nerve pain. The warm oil would soothe his ear. 

If you would like this home remedy for ear ache combination search for Herbal Ear Drops when you click.

Native Remedies has a great ear infection homeopathic called Eddy Ear Sprinkles. Either one of these products will help tremendously. 

I do not like to admit it, (it certainly is not a home remedy for ear aches) we reluctantly surrendered and gave him children's acetaminephon (aka Tylenol) to help him with the pain. Just one half dose that night so he (and we) could sleep. The best part of this home remedy for ear ache was that his ear would only hurt him one night and would disappear by the next morning. White willow bark has the natural ingredient that aspirin mimics for its effects.

We did not know it at the time but his body was reacting to some allergies that just surfaced that fall. 

Both my husband and I distinctly remember being at a friend's party in the fall when these ear aches started occurring. My friend had a cat inside then my son went outside to play (during ragweed season) for awhile. That night he spiked a fever and had a major earache.

The following January, we had him tested for environmental allergies. What came up? Cat allergy off the chart and ragweed at the top of the chart!!

Fluid in Ear
In December 2001, we took my son to a chiropractor who adjusted him and his hearing was back to normal within 24 hours. Not quite a “home” remedy for ear ache but a very quick and noninvasive method to release the fluid in the ear.

We also did an elimination diet to discover any food allergies. For my son, allergies played a major role in the causes of the ear infections. Now it was time to find a cure for the allergies. 

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