How Do Enzymes Work?

How do enzymes work? Enzymes are in a class by themselves. They assist in practically every bodily function.

According to the late Dr. Edward Howell, pioneer in enzyme research, these catalysts are the “spark of life.”

I take digestive enzymes with almost every meal because they are essential for digesting my food, stimulating my brain, cellular energy, and helping my body repair tissues, organs and cells.

I know my body makes its own enzymes so why do I take them?

Food must be eaten raw in order to get enzymes since the they are destroyed in foods by simply heating them to 118 degrees F or higher.

I don't know about you but I don't each enough raw food to give my body the enzymes it needs.

How much raw food are you eating?


Not only that but our food is dead by the time we get it even when it is fresh.

Here is a great example:

imagine the taste of a vine ripened tomato direct from the garden - juicy, tasty, full of flavor.

Now imagine a tomato you get at your grocer - a little mealy, okay flavor, not too juicy.

The quality of taste is so different, there is just no comparison.

The transportation time to the store and the fruit being picked before its ready does not allow for the nutrients or the enzymes to flourish.

That is the difference digestive system enzymes can make.

So its important to take digestive system enzymes to break down food so the nutrients can be absorbed.

How do enzymes work? Taking digestive enzymes supplements prevents our bodies from using it’s own thus stress can be reduced on the body.

Our bodies function better, our immune system functions better.

The great thing about digestive system enzymes (without Hcl) are that if you take them on an empty stomach, they eat the trash, including inflammation, in your body since there is no food for them them to work on.

I personally like a well rounded digestive enzyme that takes care of the different types of food I eat.

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