How to Prevent Motion Sickness

Nothing can ruin a trip more than having motion sickness. Knowledge on how to prevent motion sickness is essential, especially since it is easier to prevent than cure. It results from conflicting signals occur between the inner ear and your visual cues. 

My daughter's friend tends to get sick when we travel with her. And I will tell you a capsule or two of the herb Ginger does the trick, along with a 3/4 full stomach. If she has an empty stomach, she seems more sensitive to the motion. 

Here are a Few Guidelines on How To Prevent Motion Sickness

  • Don’t eat spicy, fatty, processed, salty or sugary junk foods, especially fried foods before or during travel as they are just too cumbersome on your digestion.
  • Take digestive enzymes to normalize digestion. 
  • Take a natural supplement containing ginger such as CanTravel
  • Stay well hydrated so your body can flush the toxins and acids in your system.
  • Don't overeat because you don't want to overtax your digestion.
  • Don't drink carbonated beverages.
  • Avoid dairy as it tends to clog up you digestive system.
  • Avoid alcohol it only aggravated the symptoms.
  • Munch on plain whole grain crackers to keep your stomach calm.
  • Take charcoal capsules to help remove the acids and toxins from your body.
  • Take ginger capsules to help with digestive disturbances
  • Drink Peppermint tea which has a calming affect on your stomach.

Environmental Guidelines

Learning to relax and control your environment is also one of the keys to feel better. 

  • Breathe deep or Meditate
  • Stay cool
  • Limit Visual Input – the authorities also say focus on a distant object but I personally have not found that to work.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness Body Work

Body work can help ward off the feeling of nausea and help the body's equilibrium so you don't feel the effects of the motion.

  • Massage your kneecaps for 3 minutes
  • Massage your little finger to 10 minutes
  • Massage the base of your skull at the back of your head behind your ears. 

One of the true causes of motion sickness is your body being over toxic. Consider going on an internal body cleansing program. Thi will clear the toxins and the acids out of your body so you will be less apt to experience the conflicting signals in your brain and your won't feel sick from the movement to begin with.

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