How to Use Coconut Oil

Inside and Out

How to use coconut oil? Coconut oil has been used extensively in tropical countries for several hundred years. However, western countries have not grasped the knowledge yet that coconut oil is the most versatile oil when you consider its uses.

If you use coconut oil in various ways, you would have solutions for most of your health and cooking problems. You can see the various applications of this oil in our domestic life:


Some people ingest coconut oil directly. You can do that also as it has many direct health benefits. The stability of this oil is higher so it can be reused several times without any harmful effect.

You can use it like any other oil in your diet. Don’t store it at very low temperatures. It will solidify. You can leave it outside your refrigerator. There are processed forms of coconut oils made for cooking which improves the taste more than the natural or virgin coconut oil. Coconut milk is also a very commonly used ingredient. It is tasty and can be used as an alternative to dairy products.

Using as Hair Oil:

You will find in all the tropical countries that most people use the virgin coconut oil for their hair. You can add lemon with the oil and rub it on your scalp to get rid of dandruff. Coconut oil can be used for hair massage since it has a soothing effect and once such massage can relieve your stresses significantly.

You can also get packaged coconut oil mixed with other herbal ingredients. Learn how to use coconut oil on your hair and scalp and all of your hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff etc. will be gone.

For Skin:

Coconut oil provides our skin vitamins and moisture. You can use it before taking your bath. Rub it all over your body and massage it properly. It will nourish your skin. If you have skin infections, pour some of this oil in to it. Its anti-microbial properties help in curing infections. If you have very dry skin or have pimples, this is the best moisturizer and oil for your skin.

As a Natural Cure to Diseases:

  • For digestive problems, drink one or two teaspoon full of coconut oil every day. It can even help you reduce weight.

  • To reduce the signs of aging, massage it over your wrinkles or dark spots regularly. It has anti-oxidants which will prevent aging.

  • There are many diseases starting from pancreatitis to throat infections which can be treated by the simple use of coconut oil.

You see that there can so many different uses of this oil elixer. From the above instructions, you will know how to use coconut oil for different purposes and make your life simple and better.

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