Liquid Ionic Minerals

What Need to Know & How to Get These Trace Minerals

Liquid Ionic Minerals can provide the body with much needed trace minerals and nutrients. One of the most effective ways I have found to get these trace minerals is with a mixture called ”Sole.”

What is Sole?

Sole is water that has been made extremely salty by using pure Himalayan sea salt. This Himalayan pink sea salt contains 84 minerals that our bodies need to function optimally.

When the water and salt are mixed, they both unite to make a new solution. The two elements give up their own polarities and turned into energy in a higher form. The two elements become ionized. Now you have a mixture that will provide you with ionic trace minerals that can be readily absorbed by your body.

How Will These Liquid Ionic Minerals Help Me?

The ionic trace minerals you get from sole will improve your immune, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. Taking the liquid ionic minerals from the sea salt will also improve how your organs and connective tissues function. After regular use, you may notice that you are sleeping better, have more energy, have better concentration, and have an increase in nail and hair growth. Minerals are essential for the optimal function of your body.

How do I Make Sole?
It’s actually quite easy. To make the ionic minerals liquid called Sole, you will need 3 things:

A glass jar (about the size of one used for jam.)

jar, glass jar, bottle

Water - preferably distilled or filtered.

himalayan sea salt, himalayan pink sea salt,

Put enough of the Himalayan Sea Salt to fill the jar, then fill the jar with your water. Be sure the salt is completely covered. Then let it sit for at least 8 hours.

After the eight hours, you should be able to see some salt not dissolved in the bottom of the jar, and that is perfectly okay.

Now that your liquid ionic minerals are ready to use, there is one more step: use the Sole you have just made by adding a teaspoon of it to a glass of water. Drink the glass of water with the teaspoon of Sole each morning before drinking or eating anything else to get your ionic trace minerals. Your body will be energized for the day and probably into the next morning.

Over time you will need to add some water to the ionic mineral solution. Always be sure there are some Himalayan sea salt crystals left in the bottom Those extra sea salt crystals tell you that your Sole solution is appropriately salty. Once all the salt is gone, you will have to make more Sole to have a fresh source of the ionic trace minerals.

I keep my liquid ionic mineral solution on the kitchen counter as a reminder to use it daily.

Now the Big Question - How Bad Does It Taste?

The Sole with its ionic trace minerals is a very salty water solution. However, since you place such a small amount in even more water, it just tastes slightly salty. I only notice a trace of the sea salt taste. So the big question is, can you live with a just a taste of salty water when you know you are getting your ionic trace minerals?

Can I Use Ionic Minerals with My Fasting Routine?

Absolutely. These minerals are a nice complement to a fasting routine or when you are doing any internal cleansing. In fact, I make sure to use them when I cleanse or fast. They provide me some necessary nutrients while helping to remove pesky toxins from my system.

What if I Have High Blood Pressure? Can I Still Use Sole As a Source for Ionic Minerals?

If your high blood pressure has been diagnosed as being caused by too much sodium in your system, check with your health professional before proceeding. The Sole with its ionic trace minerals has about 411mg of the sodium your doctor may not want you to have. Since this is a balanced source of minerals and not toxic like iodized salt, it is easily metabolized by the body.

Now that you understand Liquid Ionic Minerals, you know there are many more benefits to using them as part of your daily program.

If you don’t know where to get the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt to use for the trace minerals in Sole, try American Blue Green. They offer a variety of quality Himalayan Crystal Salt products for you to use. 

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