Make Your Own Web Site

Why not make your own web site and make money while you sleep with something you are passionate about.

Why would I include a page like this on a site for Natural Remedies or any other topic?

The answer is easy. One of the top stress factors in our society today is due to financial problems.

Relieve the financial problems and you have less stress. (P.S. Take b-complex as the B vitamins help support the body when it is dealing with stress.)

Do you want to start your own web business? I did. I am a work at home mom.

My husband and I were talking on how to create another source of income that would allow us residual income and time freedom.

The most logical thought that came to us was “make your own web site.”

We found a company that wasn’t about selling us their web site product but about teaching us about how to create a successful online business.

Along came Sitesell, a company that I have learned so much from and allows me to share my passion.

We don't even know "code" or any other strange computer languages but we know how to copy and paste which was the only technical requirement.

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We learned how to use affiliate programs. to generate income without warehousing product. Its basically about recommending other's products and programs and earning a commission. We also learned how to take online payments with well known programs like PayPal and other lesser known programs too. 

My site shows up easily on the search engines so people can find my website. 

I was able to get all the details about what they had to offer BEFORE I purchased. 

If you have an interest in creating a business on the Internet then is certainly worth your attention.

I built a site that gets traffic without advertising and generates an income for us without spending thousands of dollars on webmasters, search engines and web tools. If you would have told me I would have a successful web business on my own I might not have believed you.

I have a  complete set of tools that allows me to create a successful internet business. 

It removes all the technical barriers, all the tedious work, all the Internet mysteries (ex., Search Engine mastery).

You can do it yourself, without expensive (non-Solo Build It!) Webmasters, designers and Search Engine Optimizers. Yes, "ordinary" Solo Build It! owners outperform the "pros." 

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