Master cleanse before HCG


I’m interested in doing the cleanse to reset my system in order for me to lose well during the HCG diet. I might have hit immunity with it.
How do I go about this? Shall I do it for 21 days after which I spend a few days coming off of it with orange juice, bfruits and veggies before I begin the HCG and do a 1 day load? Please help

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May 02, 2018
Master Cleanse and the HCG Diet
by: Terri


When you do the HCG Program ( and then stop. It really is important to take a break for at least a month or even more. The HCG stays in your system for a couple weeks and you want to make sure you can truly start again.

As for coming off the Master Cleanse, you really want to get rid of the sugar and let your body adjust, even if it is natural sugar. You have just spent time living off maple syrup, water and lemon, and the maple syrup has a high sugar content. So do fruits and orange juice.

You are better off having the whole orange as it has the fiber too. My suggestion is to start with lots of veggies and broth, then gradually add in healthy fats(nuts, nut butters and seeds) and lean protein. If you stay away from the high sugar and processed foods and follow my suggestion, it will give your body time to balance and there is a good change you might lose some additional weight.

If it were me. I would give myself a couple of weeks before starting the HCG Program and do a 2-3 day load as suggested. More info at https//

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