Master Cleanse FAQs

by Natural-Cure-Alternatives

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  • Will I lose weight?
    The Master Cleanse is not intended as a weight loss program, although people I know usually drop on average 3/4 - 1 pound per day while on the cleanse. It may come back on or stay off depending on what you do after the cleanse.

  • Do I eat?
    To get the best results on this cleansing program, you do NOT eat during the program. I suggest that you lighten up on your foods, the week before you start. You will want to sip your lemonade drink throughout the day, not gulp it all at once. If you sip it throughout the day then you should experience minimal hunger.

  • How do you stay on it?
  • Without eating, staying on The Master Cleanse requires a lot of determination and support. I find that its easier for me to stay on the cleansing program if I read cleansing books and literature to keep me focused. Look at the Master Cleanse Secrets program. An incredible resource for keeping you motivated and supporting you during your cleanse. It goes detail on how the program works, contains all the information you need to understand and appreciate the process of the master cleanse, helps you track your progress and be successful. For me, this is a must have during the process, I literally read some of it every day.

  • Does it cure cancer?
    Fact: Cancer has a difficult time surviving in an alkaline environment. Most medical professionals ,even if not holistically oriented, will agree with this. Due to the Standard American Diet, our bodies tend to be over-acidic, not alkaline. Fact: the Master Cleanse drink helps the body create an alkaline environment. Hhhmmmm.

  • Will I get sick?
    Most people will feel yukky the first couple days on the cleanse, as your body spills toxins out of the cells and into the bloodstream to be transported out of the body. This is called a cleansing response. Be sure to drink a little extra water, take it easy and be sure your bowels are moving by using the salt water . Plan the first couple days so you don't have a lot of commitments or work to do. Not surprising that someone might feel light headed or nauseous. I have done the cleanse a number of times and the first couple days are headachy and such. After about the third day, I have always felt
    great. Others I know who have done the lemonade cleanse report the same results. Again, the Master Cleanse Secrets program does a incredible job of explaining how to handle this situation.

  • My doctor doesn’t like this cleanse?
    With all due respect to the medical viewpoint, most nutritionists and dieticians have no issue with suggesting diet drinks for people who would like to lose weight. Aspartame, the main ingredient in most diet drinks is a neurotoxin - poisonous to your brain - and can be used as an ant killer. Why would the master cleanse be so awful?

  • Am I getting any nutrition?
    In the average samples of maple syrup, here are the minerals that are found: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Chlorine, and Silicon. The vitamins are Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, Nicotinic Acid, Pantothenic Acid.

  • How long can I stay on it?
    The longest I have stayed on it has been twelve days. I do know someone personally that has stayed on it 22 days and I have reports from others that have stayed on as many as 50 days. You are really the judge on this. One of the key indicators to show you that you are done is when your tongue no longer has a white coating on it.

  • Am I getting enough calories?
  • Surprisingly, this is not a low calorie program, the master cleanse supplies 1200 calories per day.

  • What’s the easiest way to get the ingredients? As I am not a shopper, I like to get my ingredients at one location. Most people think that this cleanse is cheaper than a cleanse product but what I have found is that the cost of the maple syrup itself can be pricey. One of the easiest and best deals I have found is the Master Cleanse Kit. You can see the picture at the side. Of course, it doesn’t include the lemons but you can easily get those on your next trip to the store.

  • Why Grade B Maple Syrup?
    Grade B maple syrup is less refined than Grade A. Since its not as refined, it contains more of the natural nutrients from its source.

    Well, I hope this answers most of your questions. You can always get the Master Cleanse Secrets program which can further answer just about any question you might have.

    Good luck on your cleanse and remember to report back to us how it was for you.

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    Aug 29, 2009
    You are giving 1 side of the argument only
    by: Anonymous

    I'll try to give the other side as well for balance.
    I'll go in order of the questions asked.

    1.Will I lose weight? O
    f course you will lose weight, you are essentially removing all protein from your diet. You're going to lose a lot of lean tissue by removing all that protein.

    2. Does it cure cancer?
    The human body keeps a VERY tight control over ph balances in the body. What you eat every day controls your ph levels in your body, not a 10 or 20 day fast, at best that would slightly change the ph level temporarily and it would return soon after to it's previous levels. No fast will permenantly change your ph levels, only changing how you eat will do that.

    3.Will I get sick?
    Protein deficiency is a major concern here. You get "yukky" because you are depriving your body of one of the 3 macro nutrients you need to live healthy.

    4. My doctor doesn’t like this cleanse?
    what does Aspartame have to do with master cleanse? I don't know any doctors that prefer diet soda over water.

    5. Am I getting any nutrition?
    Micro nutrients are great, but you are lacking one key fact here, Protein! Protein is vital for life, you DIE without it. Your body can't make many of the amino acids it needs to survive, you NEED protein. Without dietary protein your body will suck protein out of your muscle and lean tissue, causing muscle degradation after as little as a week.

    6. Am I getting enough calories?
    Even if you get 1200, most of these calories are in the form of sucrose, a simple sugar that leads to increased blood sugar and fat.

    One other thing I want to add to this. There is absolutely, positively no conclusive evidence that even suggests that detox's work. Do most Americans ingest far to many unnatural substances? Sure they do, but there's an easy fix to that. Eat things that don't have the chemicals in them, home grown veggies or local grown veggies and fruits, local farm meats that you can confirm don't contain hormones or other additives, unpasteurized milk if that's your thing, but starving yourself of essential nutrients and expecting salt flushes and lemonade with cayenne pepper to suck the bad things out of your body just doesn't make any scientific sense. If you eat the above things exclusively your body will fix itself, end of story.

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