Master Cleanse Secrets

Learn What You Need to Succeed on the Master Cleanse

Wow! Master Cleanse Secrets -- What a find! I was thinking about doing the Lemonade Diet and happened to find one of the best sources of information and instructions for it.

This e-book is filled with great information on how to do an internal detox, tips to make it easier and precautions for your health. Heck, it even includes a Daily Journal to track your progress.

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Having done this maple syrup-lemon-cayenne cleansing program a number of times, I really find this book motivational to help me stay on the program. For me, it takes a lot of mental commitment to not eat. I love food, and even though the guidelines say that you won't be hungry, I still want to eat. So I re-read it often when I am on the cleansing program.

Although I have the original Master Cleanser book, I find "Secrets" is basically my “everything I need to know about the Master Cleanse but was afraid to ask.”

It includes good advice on how to stay on the program, some alternative ways to use the master cleansing program and what you can expect from being on this type of internal detox.

The author does a great job of explaining the detail of the program and the information in "Secrets"  talks to me more personally and tells me the pros and cons of the program.

This informational guide covers everything from why we should detox and cleanse, the salt water flush, the benefits of the master cleanse, master cleanse nutrition, all about weight loss, as well as helpful hints and tips to make the program easier.

And I really like that I have the bonus journal to help me track my progress.

For me, it was well worth the money spent.

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